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posted by blaquehowler on - last edited - Viewed by 259 users
I know you guys at Telltale have already addressed the issue of the problematic MAC DL for The Walking Dead game and are working on it as we speak (as mentioned in your FAQ Forum) but I would like to get a heads up on when this might be fixed. I've played Episode One and its brilliant and would like to download the rest (I've paid for all episodes already BTW), but my download always stops at 99% and the program sort of hangs. If I try to fiddle with the controls like minimizing the window, the program crashes and I have to start again. I've tried all your suggestions even to the point of leaving nothing else running while I download the game and it still stops and hangs at 99%.

If there is any other way I can download the full game (of which I have already purchased but cannot acquire) I would appreciate it greatly. My friends who take advantaged of pirated games on their PC keep mocking my loyalty to MACs and buying original games and its times like these when a guy almost loses faith in the system and paying legitimate distributers and supporting quality games. Its a struggle but I still keep the faith. My girlfriend thinks I'm naive and crazy for trying to DL TWD everyday and sometimes I agree with her. I hope the guys at Telltale have a solution for this soon. I'll try to hold the torch for as long as I can but I'd really appreciate it if there's any suggestions or hope offered soon.

I'm running on fumes and chugging along here. Please help me out and prove me right :)
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    Did you try DjNDB's workaround?
  • I've purchased the game in the beginning of this week, finished Episode 1, but can't install Episode 2. I've installed all the other episodes successfully but when it comes to Episode 2, it happens just like blaquehowler described:
    I download the game and it still stops and hangs at 99%.

    I've also tried the suggested workaround without success. The step that says:
    Start the game and press "GET" in the "Download content" menu for each episode you manually downloaded. It should show as "installed" within less than a minute
    doesn't happen, it just starts the download all over again.

    I'm running the game in MacBookPro OS X 10.8.2.
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