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Tales of monkey island for PS3

posted by Naxias on - last edited - Viewed by 924 users

I'm looking to buy Tales of Monkey Island for PS3, but I can't find it in the PlayStation@Store, or at

Am I doing something wrong, or is this game no longer avaliable for PS3?

Location: Denmark
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    You can do a search for 'Tales of Monkey Island' in the store (the new store search function will cut you off probably after 'Tales of', once it narrows the results to less than 10), or you can also look in the 'Bundles' section, which is under Games.
  • There's a:
    Tales of Ninja and Tales of Graces.
    But no Tales of Monkey Island

    And it's not listed under bundles.

    If I search for "Monkey" I get Monkey Island 1 and 2 plus the bundle for those.
    I'm pretty sure Tales of Monkey Island was there a month ago.
  • Aparently I can find it on (germany) but not on (Denmark) (which is where sends me.

    Have you consciously made this unavaliable in Denmark? Why?
    Or is this a bug?
  • No, hang on a second.
    Check out that german site at playstation:

    The heading is Tales of Monkey Island, but what they are showing is actually a link to Monkey Island 2.

    It seems those guys at Sony are a very confused lot. :-(
  • Today it was avaliable again in the PS Store, and I got it without any problems.

    I wrote Sony about it so don't know if it was you or them that fixed it.

    If you fixed it because of my post here, thanks.
    If Sony fixed it because of my mail to them. You're welcome.
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