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Who do you think was the most/least helpful group member?

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hey i'm just curious what you think about which group member was the most/least helpful.

I think Carley (if you chose her) was the most helpful member, since she saved my ass almost half a dozen times. Clem was helpful too, because she got us into some buildings like the Mansion or to the blowtorch in the station, and depending on your choices protected Omid or maybe even saved Molly.

I think Ben was the least helpful member of the group, because depending on who you blame for whose death he caused quite some. i partly blame him for 7 deaths, don't guess anyone could beat that :D
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  • I think Ben was obviously the least helpful of the group by far. Barring him, Larry. Yeah, it must be real tiring beating that piece of wood with a rock! :mad: I'd say he was more of a drain on us than what he provided, since he had that heart condition and we had to constantly risk our lives to get medicine for him.

    I'd say Lilly was very helpful early on, since she was in the military and basically trained everyone on how to efficiently use a gun.
  • Carley was the most helpful - more team saves than anyone.

    Least.... I'd say Ben - even Larry could build a barricade, when he wasn't being "charming".
  • Carley is definitely the most helpful group member. She saved so many of us.

    Definitely Ben is the most useless group member.
  • I'd say either Lee or Carley was the most helpful, as Carley saved plenty of people numerous times, but Lee always seemed to be taking the most risks for everyone in the group.

    Least helpful is Ben, no doubt. He got so many people killed and didn't really do much either than that while he was with the group. Even Duck did more than him with the whole detective thing.
  • Yep, Carley was the most helpful. Ben indirectly killed a buch of people so he was definitely the least helpfull.
  • Kenny was most helpful. He would go out on his own to hunt, he was always trying to think ahead, and up until his death he helps you try to find Clem. However I'm sure in a lot of play throughs it didn't happen this way. Just my PO
  • Lilly, Lee, Kenny was most helpful. Lilly was teached Lee shooting, Kenny was repaired RV, and hunted in forest with Lee anf Mark.
    Ben and Duck was most useless in group. Even Katja was more helpful.
  • Lee was the most helpful. I know it's because you play as him, but everyone goes to him when they want something done.

    Least helpful? Duck, but since I'm not counting kids... Ben. Self explanitory.
  • Ill go one step further than that and rank them

    Lee (if he counts, what with being you an all)
    Carley - Always stood up for others, to the grave.

    Kenny - In my playthrough anyway. He Certainly did a lot for the group.
    Molly - Lots of killing.
    Clementine - Improved a lot in the last two episodes
    Mark - Brought Food. Was food.
    Doug - Sometimes comically useless other times good
    Omid - OK
    Christa - OK
    Chuck - Helpful in his short time.
    Lilly - Initially helpfull, but murdering my 2nd place was helpful at all!
    Katjaa - Team medic, although not at all ready for it
    Glenn - Left too soon
    Duck - Mysteries.
    Larry - Does nothing good, ever.
    Ben - Does oh so much bad.

    Dont think i forgot anyone.
  • Well, Lilly kept her own count of the supplies and took it upon herself to ration the food when it ran low. She also keeps watch from time to time, as well as making sure the group knew how to shoot.

    Mark, Kenny, and Lee, all go hunting and on supply runs for the group, which are of vital importance (while we don't actually see Mark on a supply run, he was an able body meaning he more than likely helped with those too.). Kenny also repairs the RV in his spare time.

    Carley saves Lee's life a LOT, and also does the bulk of the lookout duty. Doug helps build the barricade, saves Lee with the laser pointer, and makes that sick alarm system.

    Most of the members of the group are very helpful, but I'd have to say it's a toss up between Lee and Kenny, possibly Lilly. The least helpful is, without a doubt, Ben. Even Duck managed to lead us to the stolen (by Ben) supplies.
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