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Who do you think was the most/least helpful group member?

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hey i'm just curious what you think about which group member was the most/least helpful.

I think Carley (if you chose her) was the most helpful member, since she saved my ass almost half a dozen times. Clem was helpful too, because she got us into some buildings like the Mansion or to the blowtorch in the station, and depending on your choices protected Omid or maybe even saved Molly.

I think Ben was the least helpful member of the group, because depending on who you blame for whose death he caused quite some. i partly blame him for 7 deaths, don't guess anyone could beat that :D
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  • First of all, Doug doesn't kill the zombie teacher. Doug helps out by attacking it with a plank, but he fails to actually kill it. Larry or Mark are the ones who put down the zombie if Carley's dead.

    Secondly, I fail to see how throwing away his life to save Ben was beneficial to the group. It was good of Doug, sure. But, let's face, Ben's survival didn't exactly do the group any favours.
  • Scolecite wrote: »
    Most useful: Doug
    + Distracted the walkers with the remote.
    Literally the only thing Doug did in a whole episode.
    + A soulmate(?) for Ben Paul.
    Ben doesn't even talk about Doug after he saved his life at the cost of his own so I'd say no.
    + Refused food.
    So does Carley.
    + Killed Ben Paul's zombified teacher.
    Actually he doesn't even manage to distract the walker. Carley, on the other hand, kills it.
    + Distracted Andy St. John with the laser pointer.
    Carley, on the other hand, distracts Andy by shooting off his ear. I like how Doug can reliably aim a laser pointer from a great distance but can't shoot a gun well.
    + Fixed the camcorder.
    The camcorder wasn't broken, the batteries were just dead. Carley gave Lee batteries as well.
    + Saved Ben Paul's life by dying a hero.
    At least Carley talked back to Lilly. Despite his "soulmate" being accused, Doug was incapable of really talking back.
    Least useful: Carley
    - A pretty woman with a gun.
    K. Can't people say they like Carley or Doug without first dissing the other one? Can't everyone just like them both? They're both good characters!
  • Most helpful would probably be Kenny: Great leadership skills. Followed by Carley. Least helpful is Ben for obvious reasons. Larry is a close second: a total prick who does nothing but bitch.
  • Most helpful would probably be whoever you chose to save from the Pharmacy, besides Lee himself.

    I would say Ben is the least helpful, but he was the one who told everyone that people can turn without being bitten, which has been useful information.

    It's actually tough to choose the least helpful, as everyone has done something to prove their worth.
  • Clem is the most helpful, not beacuse she was a killing machine, but she gave Lee hope, motivated him and gave him a goal. Without her, I think he would have died earlier, but with Clem, he had someone to fight for.
  • I'd say Clem was most helpful. She crawled and got everybody out of tough spots AND was able to kill walkers. She also pushed Lee to be the best he could be with leading everybody.

    Least helpful? Mark. He was an adult, but he acted like a kid. He was in the army, but he couldn't shoot the bird, was tired and weak all the time to the point Larry was the one pulling the brunt of it when it came to barricading. He also wasn't too wise when it came to dealing with the farmboys, and man was he whiny.

    Note about Ben: He was a teen and he *tried* to help. I wouldn't put as much on his shoulders as a grown adult. It's not his fault bandits were threatening and manipulating him. He might very well have been honest with Carly about what he was doing (which may have been why she defended him). Even when it came to getting the axe at the school... he was trying to get everybody out. I'm still not sure how that really worked out; I gather the zombies had gone away from the door for a bit so that he didn't see them?
  • [QUOTE=CarScar;761291
    K. Can't people say they like Carley or Doug without first dissing the other one? Can't everyone just like them both? They're both good characters![/QUOTE]

    Doug and Carly were both awesome for different reasons. There, I said it :p
  • Most helpful Carley dnftly.. Least one Ben or Larry D:
  • Most helpful:
    -Carley because she saved Lee's life twice, also Duck.
    -Clem because she was able to fit in small spaces and saved the group a lot of times.
    Least helpful:
    -Ben because when he tries to help, he just ends up messing up.
    -Mark because he didn't even do much with helping out.
  • I thought Carley was the most consistently helpful person. In addition to being a great shot she was also very thoughtful and gave Lee good advice. She was probably the most moral member of the group after Clementine and Doug. Her only major moral failing was wanting to ditch Irene at the Motor Inn. (Which she conceded after some prodding.)

    As much as a fuck-up Ben is, I say Larry was the least helpful. Where as Ben at least tries (and almost always fails) to help people, Larry just does whatever he wants and his few meaningful actions in the story always make things worse because of it. I also blame his shitty parenting for probably turning Lilly into a paranoid loner. I can’t imagine her ever having any friends with someone like that as a dad and eventually she probably just stopped trying with other people.

    Anyways, Larry says he’s seen someone get bitten before but doesn’t seem to realize someone has to die before they turn. Instead of just waiting like two minutes for Kat to clean a clearly still alive Duck off he makes a huge scene and makes a tense situation even worse.

    Then, after screaming about how dangerous having even a single walker in the store is, he yells at Carley for shooting a single walker that had gotten into the store. And all that yelling gives his stupid ass a heart attack even though he knew he had a heart condition and creates another goddamn problem for everyone else to deal with.

    So because of his constant assholery, Lee has to risk his ass to open the pharmacy, which sets of the alarm, which causes a big walker attack and gets either Doug or Carley killed. (And his daughter finishes off the survivor two episodes later.) Then he tries to murder the person who risked his life to save his life.

    Then, three months later, at the St. John’s Dairy, what has he learned? Nothing! He constantly screams his ass off and pounds on a door he has no chance of breaking while everyone around him tells him to shut the fuck up. To no one’s surprise, another heart attack and he makes an already god awful situation much worse!

    Seriously, Larry was a fucking idiot and a bully, and yet because of his heart condition, was almost completely fucking worthless outside of occasionally working on a wall anyone could probably maintain. And I swear Lilly was giving his fat ass extra food. While three months of hunger has everyone else complaining about hunger pains and weakness, his disposition of being a crabby dick hasn’t changed in the slightest.

    In retrospect having a huge elderly man with a heart condition and a love of yelling his ass off living with a bunch of people was also a pretty big liability. If he’d died one night when no one was around, half the group might wake up to find the other half eaten by zombie Larry. Hell, at least one useful thing Ben did was warn the others that everyone without a brain injury comes back.
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