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The Walking Dead FanFic

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After playing the last episode of The Walking Dead I was pissed. I decided to write a FanFic. I'm not really into writing because I'm too much of a critic and barrade myself into deleting them after I write them but this one I'm pretty confident about.

Charlie Bennet was left on the side of the road. When a man picks her up and brings her to a farm, how will she deal with these strange new memories she is acquiring? Will she stop tragedies from happening? Or will she only create new ones?

I know, I'm not very good with Summaries.


If you haven't played through all of the walking dead, beware! There will be spoilers! :)

Please let me know what you think, and what I can improve on!
It's simply a teaser chapter so be gentle! :p

I'm also looking for good Walking Dead Game FanFics so if you know of any good ones please let me know! ;)
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  • This reminds me of Final Destination. You know that horror franchise, where some person is having a vision of someone dying? Yeah well, i honestly do not like that concept in this. It just sounds too unrealistic. I mean yeah, we're talking about zombies here, but the fact how some guy can just predict the fate of someone just really sounds silly to me, because that kind of stuff is in real life, but it barely works.

    That, or it just may be something with your OC. I know that some people like OCs in stories that and i'm not telling you to stop, but i'm just stating my opinion here, that i really don't like when some guy's character is put into a story that's already planned out. Well, sometimes. I like it when the character's planned out well, but in a zombie apocalypse universe where everything is done like it would be in real life, i like said, find it hard to not mind the visions that Charlie's having without putting a silly smile on my face.

    So wait. I haven't been following up on the story from the fan fiction TOO much, but isn't Hershel supposed to tell everyone to gtfo at the ending of chapter 2? He wasn't even pissed about the fact Charlie just randomly grabbed his gun and shot his son. It felt too sudden to be emotional.
  • Maximus123458;760694 said:
    Huh...Yeah that makes sense...I really only got the idea from Lee's Second Chance, which is what it sounds like, After Lee dies in Ep 5, he meets some guy who gives him a 'second chance' while he still has all the knowledge from his previous life.
    Also regarding the Hershel thing, I kind of just cut of the chapter and I guess the whole shooting Shaun thing put him in shock...Hm...I might have to edit some things in the chapters...

    Thanks for the feedback!
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