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Telltale Games Should Give Up KQ License

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If Telltale Games does not announce any definitive KQ plans in the next five months, then they should give up the KQ license and let another development team (who actually respects the KQ series and KQ fans) bring the series back to life in a proper way and in grand fashion, the way the series deserves. Dave Grossman has been dismissive of KQ, and it has been a long time since we have heard anything from Telltale about KQ.

It is a slap in the face to fans of classic adventure gaming for Telltale to essentially sit on the KQ rights and prevent any new KQ game from being made, while they pretend like TTG is doing adventure gaming a favor by having acquired the license in the first place.

I think most of us realize that Telltale Games was never the right developer for a new King's Quest, anyway. Telltale is great when it comes to nonchallenging, somewhat formulaic, episodic games with limited virtual exploration. They seem to have settled on a strategy of acquiring licenses for well-known brands, and then releasing games that attract more attention because of the movie/book/comic brand than they do for the actual original merits of the game. And more power to them.

Many of us were willing to give Telltale the benefit of the doubt, but enough is enough. If, in 5 months, Telltale hasn't announced anything definitive about KQ, then they need to do the right thing and relinquish the license so someone else can bring back the series the right way.
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  • BagginsKQ wrote: »
    No I mean; Law & Order: Criminal Intent. This was back in 2006ish or so. Not the same thing as the new L&O: Legacies. Unless it turned into that?
    Law & Order Criminal Intent was developed and published episodically by Legacy Interactive. If I remember well, Telltale put the game on their virtual store for a short period, but it's not made by them. ;)
  • That might be it.

    I remember there being some kind of FAQ in which they discussed CSI or Law & Order and how they didn't have the rights to distribute those games online, and that NBC or some such had the rights. Maybe they were just explaining why they no longer offered them.

    Probably was CSI;

    Seems like its Telltale's lost game series, they almost never show up on any list of Telltale Games.

  • Technically true;

    The game known simply as "Mask of Eternity" is not a King's Quest game. It's some game/mod set in time of the Mayans, made for a educational game design project.

    Kin is a clever Mayan warrior father chosen by the astronomer / priest to save the mothers and daughters of Tikal. Prophesied by the astronomer / priest is an Apocalyptic Flood that is believed to be accompanied by an army of beasts that feed on the spirit of women young and old. Kin must acquire the "Eternal Jade Mask" from the Moon Goddess in the Upperworld in order to save his wife and baby daughter.

    You are the chosen Mayan warrior KIN Chak Balam. Kin was chosen by the astronomer/priest to retrieve the Eternal Jade Mask not only because of his courageous nature but also because he is very clever and has always acted wise beyond his age. Kin is a young father of two; a five year old son and a baby daughter. Kin is very spiritual for he knows how to read the stars in the night sky, he represents the mighty Tikal warriors of the "classic" Mayan civilization. Kin is fearless, strong physically, mentally and spiritually.

    The "Eternal Jade Mask" which resides in the Upperworld is needed to slay this invader and save the women of Tikal. The problem is that in order to get to the Upperwold one must first pass through the Under world, then the Middleworld where one climbs the" World tree" which holds up the heavens to finally reach the Upper world where the mask resides.

    At the end of every world Kin will fight and defeat an animal God which grants him a power/magic that he'll need in the next world. A bat God rules the Underworld and holds a map of the Middle world which shows how to sprout forth the World Tree. Once Kin sprouts the tree and climbs to the top he must fight and defeat a bird God that holds the power of flight which is needed in the Upperworld. Once in the Upperworld Kin must fly from island to island amongst the clouds looking for the temple in which the mask resides. You will have different opportunities to meet animal friends and acquire Masks with "animal powers". One must fight many super natural enemies such as undead animals, spirits and skeletons to acquire strength and magic points. These points enable you to live longer and to use better magical powers for longer periods of time.

    This game will be part first person shooter and part third person action adventure. For the most part this game is a frist person shooter but whenever you want to use your special jaguar attacks it will switch to a third person point of view.. This will provide a more impact full and refined feel to the game. Think of "Prince of Persia" / "God of War"s gameplay for its incredible fighting moves and think of Hellboy / Indiana Jones for the look and directorial style but with a Mayan theme.

    The first level is the Underworld and it consists of intricate underground caves with various temples and glowing rivers thought. You will encounter many supernatural enemies such as Lost Souls, Zombie Animals, and Animal Gods. At the end of the Underworld one must defeat Zotz the bat God who is the guardian of the Underworld. He holds a map of the Middleworld that shows where to find the "Three Stones of Creation".

    The second level one must collect the "Three Stones of Creation" by following the hieroglyphic map. You need to do this so that you can plant the stones in a specific location to sprout forth the "World Tree". One must climb the "World Tree" in order to finally reach the Upperworld. Once you reach the top of the tree Kin must defeat a bird God to acquire the power of flight which is needed for the Upperworld.

    Kin is fearless and ready to undergo the ordeals of the Mayan afterlife to poses the Eternal Jade Mask…Are you?



    The novel The Mask Of Eternity is also not a KQ game;


    Also, the musical album, Mask of Eternity is not a King's Quest game;


    Neither is the song, "Mask of Eternity" from that album;

    King's Quest (VIII): Mask of Eternity on the other hand is a king's quest game.
  • Hahah, for a wall of text - man, that was pretty funny.

  • Technically more like a wall of 'images'.

    Also to be fair, the term 'wall of text', refers to a post that is just plain text, has no punctuation or formatting; including no spacing between paragraphs.

    Infact it is written as one giant paragraph.


    In other words its just hard on the eyes! What's worse than a wall of text? Wall of text that's ALL CAPS!
  • As for whether Telltale's qualified to make a King's Quest game...that's a debate I think it's best I don't get into. But look at it this way. If the game turns out to be good, then awesome! A long-forgotten series gets to return to its former glory, and bring tons of new fans with it. If the game ends up being shit, the old games will still be there. Maybe even a few newcomers will play the old games to get a better idea of what kind of series the new game ruined (hey, it's been working out for Devil May Cry ;) ). Basically, unless Telltale makes a REALLY fucked-up decision, like, say, make the game star Cedric, King's Quest is guaranteed to be treated better with this new game than it's been treated for the past 15 years.
    I think I actually agree with this. Many KQ fans decry MoE. Fewer fans, but still lots of them, hate on KQ7. I'm not sure what TTG could do to ruin KQ more than what Sierra and Activision have done.
  • Actually very little information to tell if KQ7 or KQ8 was hated more.

    But Roberta mentioned that Sierra received many complaints that it was slow jerky animation. Also those who didn't like the art style. She also mentioned there many that complained thought she should have ended the series with six because adventure game genre was showing its age and had become outdated. As far as professional critics it was nearly universally panned.

    Perhaps only the KQ1 remake received more criticism from fans. To the point that Sierra stopped future remake development in the KQ line. Roberta had confirmed on multiple occasions it was the least successful game of the series.

    We'll never really have a clear idea how KQ8 was viewed except that it was was praised or treated as great by most of the professional critics. Roberta mentioned it QA more successful than KQ7. It was more successful than Grim Fandango. It received at least one adventure game award and was nominated for others. Although keep in mind besides Grim Fandango there wasn't alot of competition that year.

    Since Roberta not Sierra went onto to make another KQ game we have no comparisons to its success or lack there of from Roberta or Sierra's perspective in comparison to the next game in development.

    But ya more than likely those three are the least well received on release.
  • Also we'll never know all of the KQ fans opinions. Many fans moved on, went on to play other things or stopped playing games at all. It was a niche market to begin with that had a limited fan base in general. Even smaller base of those fans or new generation of fans even follow the series on the Internet.

    Fan games probably appeal to newer generation of fans that grew up after Sierra's main heyday. But I'd venture to guess most of Sierra's original fan base do not know about them. Just as I doubt many of that generation know that telltale announced that they obtained the license to make a game in the series. It's just not common knowledge.
  • Diduz wrote: »
    do you actually know if someone else is trying to build another "classic" King's Quest? Is this developer's strategy being blocked by Telltale's licensing agreement?

    I certainly wouldn't be in any position to know anything like this myself, so I couldn't say, unfortunately. But I believe it is possible that TTG has exclusivity as part of their contract.

    If KQ fans want more information from Telltale, then they will need to speak up more and make themselves heard.

    Jennifer and others, thanks for the very thorough and thoughtful responses.
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