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Would your opinion be different if...

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Would your opinion on Telltale's The Walking Dead be different, if telltale actually made a 2.5 hour movie instead of a game? It was animated the same way it did in the game, same actors, same story and performance - but you wouldn't be playing it. You would be watching it on the big screen.
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  • It practically was a movie, besides the few shooting sections and quick time events. I don't even describe it to friends as a game because its misleading. Its more like an interactive story. However, unlike a movie your actions dictate how the characters act towards you.

    So it wouldn't be as good if it were just a movie, it would still be a good movie though. Thus my opinion of it would be lower.

    (Also I wonder if people would have the same emotional connection to Clem if it were just a movie. That was probably the strongest part of the story for me)
  • Yeah, I also usually describe as being an interactive movie where you get to control the actions of one of the characters.

    That's a fantastic question about Clem, though. If we weren't able to control Lee, our opinion of Clem would likely be drastically different. In essence, it was us that she was talking to, something that would not be true if we were simply watching a movie. So we wouldn't care nearly as much about her well-being.
  • SeriousScar;760584 said:
    It practically was a movie..
    I think it was a game..And like Dave Fennoy said:''it's the gaming world growing up''

    Anywho,I think I would like it.When I like this game,then why not movie.I just hope that in the movie there would be some things diffrent,if you follow me?
  • Certainly, I would still like it and watch it. The story was excellent, in my opinion. I would not have had the emotional attachment that I had to the characters if it was just a movie however, which makes it much better suited as a game.

    Very few movies have ever gotten me attached to the characters. I watch them, and by the end don't really care who lived or died, or where they end up. Sometimes I don't even remember some of the characters names. Good sequel movies that continue building the characters are the exception, like Star Wars.
  • playing it is way better than just watching it, people that have only watched the game on you tube don't know what they are missing, being responsible for making the decisions and setting the tone yourself is so much better than just passively just watching something.

    there should be a "yes i would watch it but it would not be as good as the game" option
  • Some of these topics I swear its Telltale logging in and asking questions.
    Just worry about getting season 2 out already!
  • I prefer playing the game and choosing his dialogues, because I want to know how my word choices would affect my relationship with the other characters. Plus, you'd be able to put yourself in Lee's shoes and see things from his perspective, making it a much better experience.
  • When you play the game, you feel you're Lee, and that you're the one making decisions. If it was a movie, you'd be watching Lee making his own decisions, and wouldn't attach to it that much. I'd probably watch the movie and still enjoy it, though.
  • Absolutely. TWDTG strikes me as a movie (Just with interactivity) as it is. As a video game It's missing good gameplay. If it was a movie it would fix all my problems with it.
  • I would watch it and probably like it but I don't think a movie format would have conveyed half the emotional weight. And I'm not sure I would have been so forgiving on some stupid things. Even with all the false choices and etc, it wouldn't be the same at all.
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