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[TWD] Episode 4 episode 5 problems

posted by PushLeveL on - Viewed by 199 users
Let me start by saying that I do love this game. The first 3 episodes were cool. Now Episode 4... I havent beaten so many times I just hate it now. I beat the episode then sit through all the credits. but every I start the game back up it says I am still on episode 4 and I have to replay the same parts again.

Then with Episode 5, it just says coming soon. I cant play it, so I sit through playing Episode 4 many times just to find out that I still cant play episode 5, then next time i try I have to play through episode 4 again. Now if I delete the game and reinstall it, I have the option of playing episode 5 then, but it says I have not beaten episode 4 and it will select my decisions for that Episode randomly. I do NOT WANT to do that, that IS the game. so I still havent played Episode 5. and the only way I can play it is if I let the game choose decisions for me for episode 4. that kinda sucks. how can this be fixed? I would love to beat the game.
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