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Walking Dead Ipad Error

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I purchased the Walking Dead: The Game bundle pack for 14.99 this morning on my Ipad 4 and as it was downloading, I got an email from apple itunes saying that the payment was received and moments later my ipad says download error or unable to complete download - I got so ticked off I forgot to be honest what it exactly said. After that error message it gave me no other options except taking me back to the purchase page and asking to buy it all over again. I contacted Itunes for help and they gave me a refund stating after the investigation, that the app was in fact not downloading to my Ipad 4 and suggested I contact you guys to see what happened. Now I am nervous to try again. Any suggestions as to what might of happened?
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    Unfortunately if the app is not downloading to your iPad, only Apple can assist with that as the app is hosted from their store. We are aware of a rare issue for some users who have trouble getting the episodes included in the multi-pack. These episodes are hosted from our server, and we're investigating the issue, but don't yet have a solution. If a connection error occurs, you can try switching networks or checking your network and router settings to make sure you allow our software to make an automatic external connection with our server. Please also fully shut down the device and wait a few minutes for the cache to clear before retrying the download.
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