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Episode 5 Easter Eggs/Allusions

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Just a list of easter eggs and allusions I found in episode 5 C:

Easter Eggs:
Randy Tudor (Powerful 'stache)
Found by talking to Kenny 5(6?) times in the dead couple's room


You start and end the game in handcuffs. (determinant)

The game starts with Lee picking up shotgun bullets and ends with Clem doing the same

The walkie talkie brings together, then tears apart Lee and Clem

You start the game killing a zombie caretaker/babysitter, only to become one yourself. (determinant)

The game starts and ends with a child indirectly causing the death of an adult who has saved their life. (Duck/Shawn and Clem/Lee)

The game starts with Clem handing Lee a weapon (hammer) and ends with Lee handing Clem a weapon (baseball bat)

The game starts and ends with you being near and then killing a zombie police officer.

Will add more :D
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