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Does everybody have a job on these forums?

posted by Lil Kis on - last edited - Viewed by 2.6K users
I'm probably the only one who doesn't. WHat about everyone else?
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  • I'm basically a legal assistant without the certification.

    My employer won't pay for me to get a certification, I don't need the certification to do my job, and frankly I'm not interested in taking the classes for it, so there we are.

    However, I'm not worried about ever needing one at all, as my job security for this firm is pretty much guaranteed.
  • I am currently a Service Assistant (read: general busy-body) at a DIY store. I know nothing about DIY, but have somehow managed a year there. I'm only there until August, and then I'm leaving for University to do Computer Science at Nottingham.

    The pay is lousy, but the staff are friendly. And given how tough the job market is these days, I'm just glad to have somewhere. Plus i get to wield a knife!
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    Friar wrote: »
    the staff are friendly. [...] Plus i get to wield a knife!

    Well no wonder the staff are friendly! :p
  • I'm a software developer. Job security is not at all guaranteed, but they seem to have kept me around for a while, which has been good for this recession.

    I don't think they'd let us use knives. There'd be too many keyboard stabbings!
  • Instructor of History as my primary profession. Writer as my secondary. I also own a small business doing catering and event planning, as well as some nightlife promotions.
  • Ambassador 2014?!?

    Not going to get into the details here, but the reason why I got all quiet on the boards was because I passed the Foreign Service Exam... and properly got shunted down when Clinton stepped out of the Secretary position (which would explain why my contacts never got called). I'm actually earning quite a bit consulting ATM, and was asked to reapply for being a foreign service officer (read: diplomat, not ambassador- ambassador positions are appointed, not earned) next October.

    Sucks, but I can live.

    I'll be heading up to San Francisco the last full week of February to talk with NVidia and a few others for a more "standard" job, and I have a very intriguing offer in Portland for something a little different.

    I'm not going to tell anyone about any more job offers until I have a name-tag and fancy business cards, because with my luck they'll go bankrupt the day before I set foot in the door. >_<

    And, hey, puzzlebox, if Telltale is still hiring... But , in all seriousness, if you or any other TTers are free and want to grab some drinks while I'm up there, shoot me a PM.
  • I'm a line cook! I food for fun AND money!
  • FT Supermarket as well.
    "Customer Service Specialist - Dairy" is my official title. Basically, that means I run the Dairy and Frozen(I have a subordinate for this one) departments.
  • I'm paid by the government as a community support worker for people with intellectual disabilities.
  • I am a projectbased recruiter. Companies who have trouble finding employees hire us to find fitting personnel.
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