default KEYS AWSD need to be customizable ! Very important bug, easy to fix

I add this issue here, as it's not discussed under the support section, but it's definitely a support issue.

The main issue is that the walking dead game doesn't allow the keys to be modified. This is particularly serious for owners of keyboards different from QWERTY (for example, AZERTY as seen in France, where you sell the game). The default setup is unplayable on these keyboards. This is a very easy issue to fix, by allowing to set his own keys.

I'm not the only one to suffer from this, as you can see in the forum thread:
Please correct this asap as it's an industry standard on games to be able to change the default keys.
I saw it on PC, but I suspect it's everywhere.


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    Instead of WASD you can also use the arrow keys. They work just fine no matter what layout you use. Or you can use a 360-controller.

    Or you can just change your keyboard layout. go to system control panel, select Regional and Language Options. go to keyboard/languages and add US or any other working layout like germany etc. now tick the box at language bar.

    Now you can simply click the icon in your taskbar to change the layout at your will. Your controls will work like this on an azerty keyboard:
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