How to I get a refund or solve this save problem please

Hi there,

I loved this game from the first time I played it; I enjoyed this game immensely for the escape it has brought me especially after going through a few serious things in my own life.

My saved games however stopped working the first time I played through after episode 2 (I havent got past this point). I thought it may be I had exited the game while it was auto saving and it had however corrupted them so I had to replay the game.

Basically when I tell it to load the game the screen goes black apart from the cursor, don't get the brown "wall" with loading on it and it stall's - left it for half an hour once and it was still doing it.

Have played through again being very careful about auto saves and not interrupting any dialogued scenes etc - however now its doing the same after episode 1.

I know its only a computer game, but to be taken somewhere away from the world, than to have this

There are lots of people posting on the internet with similar issues and that Tell Tale doesn't really care as it has 6+ million sales..the comments sound a bit childish to me - Is this true?

Can anyone please shed any light on this? Does anyone have a fix for this? If anybody could help me that would be great.

Otherwise what is the best way to try and get a refund? Not a lot of money really but its the principle.



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    Do you have the TTG Store, Steam or CD version?
    Are you playing on Mac or PC?
    If PC, Are you running the game in any compatibility mode, if so, which one?
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