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Could T.H.E.M. be this seasons main S&M villains

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I was thinkin of how often T.H.E.M. is mentioned in this season's Sam and Max. In way, it reminds me of Hugh Bliss's cult in season 1, where it is at least mentioned in the background or in dialogue at least once per episode.

My theory is that the organization is more like a group of villains, much like S.p.e.c.t.o.r. (I think that is what they are called) in the 007 movies or the Legion of Doom/legion like in Superfriends/DC universe.

I'd imagine that the acronym is probably a team members name and that each member are shown in each episode, whereas they all get together in episode five. I mean, there are four words in them and five episodes.

If I am correct, I can imagine the Moai being the M or the giant red Triangle being the T

The posessed Santa could be H as in Hell or something.
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  • Hmm... when in doubt, consult Wikipedia:

    1) - A secret society of magicians? Sounds Sam & Max-ey.

    2) - This guy is listed on the disambiguation page for 'Them', calling him 'The Honourable Elijah Muhammad'. I think it's unlikely that Telltale would be referencing this, but you never know.

    3) - Another possibility that at least seems plausible.

    If anything, T.H.E.M. might be inspired by any of these three, but at the very least, I suspect that it's similar in nature - something to do with a secret society of something or other. I rather like Randulf's Teleost suggestion, personally. :)
  • Mabye T.H.E.M is mabye there not. it could be Mr.Spatula or mabye this whole season is about mythology ex.Santa=mythalogical, ghosts=real for the ghost hunters mythalogical for anyone else, zombies and vampires=mythalogical.
  • I was just thinking... what if 'T.H.E.M.' just stands for 'the mob'? It would fit pretty well with that Godfather-type music playing at Bosco's - after all, that theme is called 'T.H.E.M.' I know they've done the whole mafia thing before, but maybe now it's the real thing, not just toy mafia.
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    NickTTG Telltale Staff
    wat if in 203 old stinky comes back to life as a zombie?
  • I think all zombies have an "old stinky" to them. I can't imagine rotting flesh smelling that great.
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