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The Walking Dead - Unofficial Save Carry Over Fix [STEAM Only]

posted by Zombiedude101 on - Viewed by 661 users
Hey folks, so I noticed that some people here are having trouble getting TWD saves to properly carry over decisions, and I know that as of yet there's not been much of a response from TTG's Customer Support, which is rather unfortunate, but at least there's one fix here.

WARNING: Make sure that you backup both your TTG Saves folder and the Steam folder just in case something goes wrong.
warxsnake;31446002 said:
For those who have the problem where their decisions don't carry over:

-Possible Fix-

The game stores a "prefs.prop" in two places. One in:

C:\Users\___\Documents\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead

And the other in:

D:\STEAM\steamapps\common\the walking dead\Pack\default

Or if you don't have the Steam version, its somewhere in your game DIR.
Do backups before overwriting anything.

Copy the prefs.prop file from your game's DIR folders, and overwrite it in your Documents\TTG\TWD folder

Go in game and load the save game with your finished EP1. Switch to EP2 in the chapter select and run it.

This worked for me when any other solution did not. My decisions carried over.
It can also work for you to delete the prefs.prop file in the Steam folder and overwrite it with the one from your TTG Saves Folder.
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