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Error Decompressing Data! Corrupted Installer?

posted by mujeresliebres on - last edited - Viewed by 3.1K users
So something weird is going on.

I installed Sam and Max Season 1 on my laptop only to discover that it wasn't running well because its an old laptop. I changed computers but the disc was no longer autorunning and it was saying Error
"Only part of a ReadProcessMemory or WriteProcessMemory request was completed."

So then I opened it through explorer and started the setup manually. But the install won't finish and I get the "Error Decompressing Data! Corrupted Installer?" message. It craps out at Extract SamandMax102.exe 18%.

It worked once and it looks like it would work on my roommates computer the autorun function worked fine on his. What is going on?
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    Can you try coping the Installer to the desktop and then run the installer? You'll need a total of 2GB free in order to do the installation this way, but it should sidestep the skipping issues your CD/DVD drive is having.

    Once everything is working and installed, you can delete the installer file.
  • Well I got it installed, but now its saying I need to insert the original CD. Since this is the original CD, I'm kinda at a loss now.
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    Looks like your disk drive needs a firmware update. If you tell me the make & model of the laptop computer, and the make/model of the CD drive itself, I can point you in the right direction on where to get any updates.

    To find your CD/DVD Drive make and model:
    1) Locate the 'My Computer' icon. This icon will be located either on your desktop, or in the Start menu.
    2) Right-Click on the 'My Computer' icon and select 'Manage'.
    3) On the left-side of the 'Computer Management' window, click on 'Device Manager'.
    4) On the right-side of the window, you will find a number of objects attached to your computer. Find the 'DVD/CD-ROM drives' section and click on the + sign next to it.
    5) A list of all the DVD/CD-ROM drives will appear. Please list each DVD/CD-ROM drive listed.
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