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Ok so I have tried every fix that I have found and I can't figure this out. I've basically given up but I thought I'd let Telltale know. I have The Walking Dead on steam and this is the issue. I played through episode 1 and when I try and start episode 2 it asks if I want to rewind even though I'm not rewinding and if I hit yes or no it black screens. The end. This game is great and I'd love to play it, but I can't.
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  • Contact the Better Business Bureau. The link below is already addressed to Telltale Games, just fill out your information and your complaint. I found this in another thread post.

    It takes about three minutes and it will hopefully get through to them. God knows they aren't looking at these forums.
  • The BBB can't do anything else than tell people TTG's customer service and / or product is broken.
    If you really want to complaint, contact a media source, explain that there are a lot of people with trouble and that they should try to get TTG's opinion about this problem.
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