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Playable Max

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you know what would be great? being able to play as Max...after all you gotta have to play someone who can attack suspects!
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    You can't control Max. Period.
  • that would be neat, or even better you could control them seperatly.

    There are a number of adventure games where you can control more than one player, think day of the tenticle or gabriel knight, maybe we could have an episode where sam and max get seperated and you control each of them individualy to try to re-unite them again.

    I know that they work well as a comedy pairing so maybe sperating them could be considered a risky move, but it would be a nice new twist to the series if just one episode featured something like this. wouldn't even need to be for a long time, just to test the waters and see if folks buy into it.

    it would raise the potential for more complex puzzles as there may be certain things only max could access which sam could not, and vice versa.
  • It would be great if you controlled Max for an entire episode..just to change things up a little
  • mindless;52270 said:
    ..think day of the tenticle or...

    Interesting game...

    Edit: omg.. I got it totally wrong.. It had letter s..
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    Lol!!!! Buuga.... :)

    I think Max would not let you control him.
    Maybe you can suggest things to do, but it's up to him to perform your suggestion, or not, or more likely, Max will do something completely different.
  • mindless;52270 said:
    maybe we could have an episode where sam and max get seperated and you control each of them individualy

    *thinks of how many times max has had his own ideas on how to deal with something, but didn't do them purely because of sam*
  • yes you're probaly right, if you pulled out his gun and pointed it at someone he'd probaly shoot them or Sam would say...Max no shooting anyone until further times but i mean you could still use him in certain puzzles or just to make the fans happy
  • I think being able to control Max would ruin the mystique of the duo. It's much nicer occasionally having Sam say, "Sic 'im little buddy." and watching hijinx ensue.
  • But how many times have we actually seen that (and had it be violent) in Season 1-2? Unlike in HtR, where we had the intro, the phone fight (which was only implied througout Season 1), the brawl at Gator Golf, and the hillarity that ensues when the alarm is set off at Bumpusville.
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