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R U happy with the surviving persons ?

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GREAT GAME - just one thing I would like to ask the authors : SPOILER : Why the hell, the only two persons from your group, which will probably survive (except the great and beautifull Clem) are the two most unsymphatic persons and what upsets me most - two that joins your group nearly at the end?? I would rather see anybody else from my group to survive than these two:( - the long nose strange small guy and the black woman with strange look - not very pretty woman, Christa and Omid..
I was wondering if anybody feels the same way I feel about it...or itś just me.. ;)

Anyway, great game with some great moments and emotions in it ! :)) keep up the good work!
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  • I disagree with the sentiment in the OP. I think Christa and Omid are great; and more importantly, I think they are great for Clem... so I'm very happy with who survived.

    I thought that Omid & Christa showed that they are very sympathetic people. Christa immediately took an interest in Clem's well-being from the start, Omid proved to be a very positive spirit throughout the ordeal, and they both readily helped Lee rescue Clem. Not to mention that they seem to be very in love, and are actually quite a cute couple with a baby on the way. I have no idea why you see them as unsympathetic.

    And they didn't join the group "nearly at the end." They joined the group halfway through the game and had more or less as much exposure in the story as those who were there from the start and died in the middle (like Carley, Lily, Katja & Duck). I think the only characters who had more exposure than Omid & Christa were Lee, Clem & Kenny.
  • So, you don't like Christa because she ain't a pretty woman? What the hell?

    And, like "lastdodobird" said, they are great for clem...
  • I think Christa is very attractive! From the inside and the outside. I am happy, that these people have survived and I hope, Om and Chri care good for lil' Clementine. Or just one of them.
  • I think you're the only one that feels that way. Omid is the comedy relief guy and Christa is the female friend that Clem needs, and I'm glad they were in the game and I hope they're in season 2.
  • Honestly, I am happy with it too. I would have liked to see some more survive, like Ben, Kenny, and Chuck, but Omid and Christa are very cool characters, and I can't wait to see what they do with them in the next game.:)
  • I would've left clem with carly if she had made it
  • I'm happy, Clem loved them and I can imagine her being happy with them. So if she is happy, I am happy. End of.
  • Christa and Omid were very sympathetic people if they trust you. It sounds like you picked dialogue options and acted in certain ways that did not earn their trust.
  • Well, i like Christa and Omid, but i wish to see Lee too... But he's dead...
  • OK, maybe you are right - when U put it that way - those two are really the best choice for Clem, that is true. But from players perspective - I´ve found these two most boring and insignificant persons - not a lot action with them, where they can proove what they really are. That is the way I see it :)
    But anyway-looking forward to next seasons :)
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