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The Walking Dead - Current Xbox 360 Fixes/Title Updates & Information

posted by MattP Telltale Staff on - Viewed by 4.6K users
Current Patches Address:
• Fix for game play bugs, character visibility, characters popping in their position
• Fix for an invisible character during train scene in Episode 3
• Fix for a blocker bug when trying to start the train in Episode 3
• Fix for blank stats at end of Season stats screen
• Fix for loading an Episode 4 save causing the game to restart Episode 1 overwriting game progress
• Fix for Xbox Disc Only – Offline Players (with Online Profile) unable to play Episodes 2-5

Code Redemption:
• To address hitching and low frame rate for the disc version on the 4GB Slim XBox, customers can redeem codes from Telltale for the Xbox Live downloadable version of the game. Information can be found here -
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