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Stuck in episode 2 (iPhone, tractor scene)

posted by Fischaela on - last edited - Viewed by 425 users
Hi guys,

can you please help me? I play TWD on my iPhone 4s and i am currently in episode 2 at the point after i roll the tractor to the last zombie in my way.
Everytime when i want to run away from the corps of this last zombie, my avatar walks too slow and gets bitten. I tried different swiping gestures from horizontally or slow to vertically or fast, but he is too slow and it looks like his feet and legs dont move at all? What can we do? I tried it so many times ...

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  • If it's lagging, quit the game and exit out of all of your apps via multitasking. Restart your iPhone, and play the game again and see if that was the problem.

    If lagging isn't the problem, what I did was that I walked somewhat into the tractor. I don't know if it makes sense, but just tap and drag Lee towards the tractor, not with the tractor. Sorry if it didn't make sense.
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