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Walking Dead poly stone Statues.

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Telltale Games need to make Poly stone statues of all the main characters and sell them. I would gladly buy the whole set no matter the cost. This is one game where I'd be happy to fork out the money for merchandise. Who agrees?
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  • Telltale could be offering way more than that, but they haven't even gotten the soundtrack out yet. :O Thankfully it's mostly on youtube.

    I hope in the future they will think about producing a few things for us to buy, Clem's hat would be easy, maybe a "what would Kenny do?" with a salt lick on it t-shirt, etc. Let's hope! :)
  • They're being a bit slack with their merchandise considering the popularity of the game, but no official sound track yet? We'll be waiting forever for better things.

    Hopefully alongside Season 2 they can release some collector's editions and such including items like Clem's hat, t-shirts, character models. One can only wish :)
  • yes i hope they get to selling some TWD merchandise soon. Really looking forward to a Kenny's mustache shirt or a Clem hat
  • Maybe as a limited edition collectors item they will release with season 2 from pre-order they will include a live fully functional replica of the glock Lee uses? EH? LOLz
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