Windows 8 - Walking Dead Episode 1 problems

Windows 8 pro, 64bit
AMD Athlon x3 445 processor 3.10 ghz
4gb of Ram
AMD Radeon HD 7700 series
Extended display to my Tv
Own the game through Steam

I keep having this problem that whenever I click the mouse button the game will minimize by itself. It never does it at the same exact point, its random, but the problem only comes up after reaching the farm.

I had a similar issue with Dishonored and it turned out to be the hot corners and side bar that were jacking everything up so I downloaded a program to disable those and never encountered that issue again.

I've been using the same program but even still the issue persists. help anyone?


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    jcs12190 wrote: »
    Extended display to my Tv

    If you use multiple displays at once, it is possible that the mouse cursor leaves the game and you actually click on the desktop. As far as i know TWD only runs on one display.
    Please try disabling the second display.
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    Never thought of that, thanks I'll try that as soon as I get home
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