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Please Help! Stuck!

posted by atreyuu2003 on - last edited - Viewed by 370 users

I am on a PC. In Episode 2 Part 2, after Katjaa tries and fails to save the man with his leg chopped off, she is attacked by him (as a zombie) from behind. Okay, after the Q and the E, I call for an axe. Then the zombie grabs me, and I get red arrows on each side of the screen. I go one way, and then I wait for the arrows again, and ... nothing. No more arrows, just a loop of the zombie attacking me and me holding him off. I have left-clicked. I have right-clicked. I have both-clicked. I have slid the mouse all over the place. I have pushed every button on my keyboard. I have pulled out and started the scene over about five or six times. I have quit the game and gone back in. All this, with no change in the problem.

Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance!
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