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Killing off **** was a bad idea

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Don't get me wrong, it makes for a great story and all that, but game wise it doesn't make sense. Most games you get a character and thats your role. Now its pretty much like just make me play a bunch of characters because it really doesn't matter anymore. It just sets up season two for failure, assuming they continue with the story from season 1. Which I'm pretty sure is what's gonna happen (not saying it won't be good, just not as good).

Personally for me, I see it as was Lee was me (my character in this story) now that he's dead essentially my role in this story is over. No matter how I see season 2 going, I don't think I'll have the same attachment to the game. Unless they just make a completely new story with all new characters. Which would still suck, for me at least (I'd like to know what happens to Clem at the end)

Wether I'm a new character, who ends up being Clementines new guardian, I'd want to play it like I was lee (whom I'm not). If I take the role of Clementine then it would just feel weird. Regardless of the role, sans, lee just ruins it. Personally, I feel it would have been a smarter Idea to kill Clementine. Glad they didn't. But it makes more sense game wise.

Your thoughts.. ?
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  • Jennifer wrote: »
    Lee wouldn't survive in either situation. He had his arm cut off too late. The people who lived in The Walking Dead television show and comics had their infected areas cut off immediately. At least half an hour passed before Lee had his cut off. The zombie bacteria already got into his bloodstream by that point.

    Basically this. There's not even an option to amputate until after Lee passes out the first time in the Morgue at the start of Episode 5. Anything he did after that was just rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic, it was already too late.
    That's true, but that doesn't necessarily mean it was the best decision for the series going forward. TTG may have sacrificed some of the long term quality of the story in favor of a shocking death in S1. They could have killed Lee in any season and it would have been just as shocking, memorable, and heartbreaking.

    Obviously, we won't know if this was a good decision or not until season 2 and we see what new characters/story TTG is able to create. I'm confident in their ability to bring us another excellent story, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little worried that they won't be able to recreate the success from S1.

    In my view, I'm not even sure it would've made the season less memorable if Lee had survived. Killing off the Protagonist is hardly new. Quite a few games have been doing that over the past few years (hell, the protagonist dies in the very first known story written in the English language). As has also been said, part of the problem is that Lee was effectively killed in Episode 4; which for me just further blunted the impact of his inevitable death in Episode 5 because it was basically drawn out over the course of weeks.
  • Yeah, in my opinion TWD would be same memorable with or without Lee... It was great game, and i think leaving him alive and try with another group of surviors could be same or even better, than that one.
  • It won't be the same story, it'll be someone else's story. And that's a good thing.

    But it is the same story. You're just a new character amongst the old. Basically you'll be some random Joe and eventually Clementine will show up, possibly Christa and Omid. So its like, sweet, I'm some other guy, but I pretty much know everything about those characters. How riveting.

    My opinion is they shouldn't continue on sans, Lee. Just start an entirely new cast.
  • Riadon wrote: »
    ...and become depressed for a month.

    FOR A MONTH?!?ONLY?!? ...Well I'm glad someone feels better :(
    I'm still sad,but I guess it's just me..
  • I say they should of kept Lee...It was a big piss off killing him off like that....Now I dont trust anybody other than lee around Clementine -.- Besides, I was kind of hoping that Lee would be around in the future episodes.. I really dont think that Clementine will be in good hands with Cristina & Omid (forgive me if I spelled their names wong.)

    I mean when you think about it, Omid could barely stand on that broken leg when they had to flee from the walkers. Honesly, I thought Omid was gonna die the whole time while he was laying in the bed with Cristina by his side...(unless they make him have a full recovery...I dont think Omid would make it..and if he did, he wouldnt be able to go far...and Cristina...well...I figured that either she would end up like Lilly and lose her mind...or end up getting eatten by walkers, sooner or later.)
  • Quick question, since we know that in stories anything can happen, which is sorta good, but also sorta bad too, anyway, what if that scene where Lee and Clementine go to sleep and Lee is mad at her for talking to someone else on the walkie talkie... well... what if everything that happened after that, was a dream?

    Or, you could even have it all happen right after Shawn drives them up to the farm, what if Lee fell asleep in the truck and the second season picks up from him waking up in the truck when they arrive at the farm?

    I guess what i'm saying is what if each season, was a different play through of season 1?

    Or would you mind the second season starting with your character being Kenny or Katja and playing through the same scenario's but from the new character point of view. Seeing how they made decisions about other things, but also their decisions about Clementine?

    I mean, maybe people will scream and yell, or think it a cheap shot or not, but really in stories anything is possible, and it might be interesting to play another character, maybe especially a familiar character and know that Duck and Katja and Kenny and Lee and the others are still alive. The second season could end, exactly like the first, well... and season three could push us into what happens with Clementine.

    Or we could flip back and do prequels, what i mean is play Clementine's family just before they leave for Savannah, or Lee and his wife, before he killed the man he found with his wife, or as Kenny and Katja and Duck, or as Merle and Shawn before all goes to heck in a handbasket. :)

    Cheap shot? Or worth the risk and fun? And the familiarity? And having them alive again?

    Oh, and what would you think if the ending to this 'replay' was different and people that died in the first season didn't die in the second with the 're-telling'?

    Just some crazy ideas, :)

  • Rommel49 wrote: »
    ... and I'm positive I couldn't have been the only one that knew what was going to happen when they saw that pile near the walkie-talkie at the end of Episode 4.
    I had a feeling that a walker would jump out of there, but Lee getting bitten? I definitely did not see that part coming.

    And yeah, Lee's death is sad. But I can accept it. He's gone, and I'm excited to see who you play as in Season 2.

    That being said, if they ever did bring Lee back, (even in some convoluted dream-sequence kind of way), let's just say I wouldn't mind having him back.
  • Listen people. Killing off Lee was a good idea. But either do it, and don't have a season 2, or make him survive then kill him off then. Don't kill of the characters that everyone gets attached to then make another game, because I will never be attached in the same way.
    I agree.
  • Why do people keep saying they couldn't possibly get as attached to new characters as they were to the ones in the first season when you've only known the characters from the first season for just one game?

    I mean, Lee was character created just for this game. He hadn't appeared anywhere else is any of series or part of The Walking Dead. He was a new character, Telltale crafted a great story that made you care about him and now his story is finished.

    What makes you think they won't be able to do it again with new characters?
    Yeah his story has finished but if Clementine's story continues his absence will feel strange. Could Clementine realistically bond with a new character the way she did with Lee? Time will tell but I find it unlikely.

    It will be fine if season 2 is centered around new characters but if Clementine's story continues it will probably feel weird because she is associated with Lee and he with her. They were a duo. In most of the game's advertising posters the two were together and the story was depicted as focusing on their relationship in the ZA, having one with out the other is like having a ratchet and clank game without Ratchet. Yeah they exist but they're fucking weird.
  • You're kidding about killing Clementine off right? The entire game was basically ABOUT protecting Clementine.. And I think they made the right move with killing Lee because I think that giving his life to protect Clem "redeems" him from that murder he committed prior to the zombie apocalypse. It's like Kenny. He felt like he wasn't the dad that he could have been to Duck or the husband he couldn't be to Katjaa, so he felt like he needed to sacrifice his life so that Ben didn't have to suffer. If you think about it and really go in depth with it, you would know that Lee's death was one of the most brilliant moves that TellTale did in this game. I know it sucks that Lee died and I used to be in denial too, but I learned to accept the fact that he will most likely not be coming back.
    Regarding Kenny sacrificing his life so Ben didn't suffer, that was so unnecessary. He could have shot Ben from the safety of the door way that Lee was standing in. He had ample time to shoot Ben and even run back to the door that he closed on Lee. In fact that whole sequence was bollocks considering Lee was already bitten and had nothing to loose. Realistically Lee could have locked Kenny away from the walkers since he hadn't been bitten. Kenny's actions were a pointless waste of life, contradicting his speech about suicide being wasteful.

    As for Lee dying, that was fine for me but I feel he should have died at the end of the story and not midway, assuming Clementine's story continues into season 2 as I suspect, failing that he should have at least been able to finish his mission in season 1. What was his mission one might ask. It was to rescue Clementine and reunite her with Omid and Christa so he died knowing she was in safe hands. That was the last plan he made with Christa. He died not knowing Clementine's fate and probably died feeling that he failed in protecting her. Of course he had to give her a prep talk about her being ready and strong to give her courage but him dying before he got Clementine to safety is like a marathon runner collapsing before the finish line from exhaustion and not completing the race. Considering that the protagonist and the player had the same objective I couldn't help feeling I failed when I completed the game. It reminds me of the scene in vanishing on 7th street were the protagonist dies trying to save the boy and the boy goes off into the sunset on horse back at the end of the movie towards the place the protagonist was planning to take him.

    Even David Fennoy said he felt it was a bad idea for Telltale to kill of Lee before the stories ending when he learned their plans whilst making episode 3. I'm in agreement with him on that one. Lee could have had that same touching, emotional moment with Clementine if he had died at the end of season 2. In fact his death would have been even more emotional for us because we would have been controlling him longer. Killing him early just added shock value because it is something that probably has never been done before(for good reason)

    Season 2 can still potentially be very good but Telltale have made more work for themselves and will probably have to gamble far more than they would have if Lee was in the second season. Will people take to the new protagonist? It could go either way. So there is a gamble there. For me, I know I didn't take to Omid and Christa when they were introduced after the loss of Katjaa, Carly and Lilly who I actually liked and I can't say that I warmed to them by the end of episode 5 either. I wouldn't feel the same loss I felt when Kat and Carly died if I learned in season 2 that the people on the hill were not Omid and Christa and Omid and Christa were never seen again. Simply because I didn't think those character were as good in spite of them having the same amount of episodes as the original group members. The only character I am looking forward to seeing is Clementine since I didn't really like the remaining cast of episode 5. Christa was cagey and Omid's humour seemed out of place in light of what was going on making him a less believable character, for me. Chuck was realistic and suited that world more but he was a "red shirt" from the mother "fuckin gidde up."
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