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Four in February

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I know people don't like me linking to Kotaku, but there's an interesting post there about a 'Four in February' initiative. Here's the page link

In short, the idea behind 'Four in February' is to finish four games in February.

...and that's it.

It's basically just a simple drive to get people to finish four games they've been meaning to get round to. No actual rules, just pick four games and do your damnedest to finish them all.

I've already picked my four, so I'll list 'em here.

- Halo: Combat Evolved - Anniversary Edition (XBox 360 - never got past the Library in the original version, so it'll be interesting to see if I can do it this time)
- Fable: The Lost Chapters (on Steam, since I picked it up and promptly did nothing with it)
- Ratchet & Clank 3 (from the PS3 trilogy - despite finishing the PS2 version I never got round to the PS3 one despite it being the best of the trilogy)
- Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (Steam again. HATED this game first time round, but I want to see how hilariously bad the story is).

And if I finish all four, I'll celebrate by playing The Force Unleashed II. *shudder*

So yeah, that's Four in February. Anyone else feel like joining in?
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  • - Fable: The Lost Chapter - Abandoned
    - Halo: Anniversary Edition
    - Lego Lord of the Rings - Completed!
    - Ratchet & Clank 3 - Completed!
    - Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
  • Epic Mickey is proving to have a longer endgame than anticipated. It probably doesn't help any that I took the time to paint in all of OsTown, Mean Street, and Ventureland after fighting the Bloticles.
  • Well, I rebought Trauma Centre and then remembered this thread, so I'm counting it as one of my games. I never finished it after all. The Kyriaki outbreak is HARD. I have killed several patients with bandages, because I'm so tense from the operations that I can't apply them properly. ¬_¬

    I also finally finished Lego Harry Potter 2 yesterday, and I've had that since before christmas (I want to say August?) So yay. Now for the other two games, I have no idea. I started Master Quest on Zelda 3D, but I won't finish that in a week. I still haven't finished Strongbad's cool game, after a glitch in the first episode meant that I couldn't progress any further. I suppose I could download the rest and do those...
  • L.A. Noire.
    The Walking Dead

    -- possible games not started yet

    Emerald City Confidential
    Time Gentlemen, Please
    Ben There, Dan That

    -- possible games already started but not completed
    Okami (halfway?)
    God of War (halfway?)
    Red Dead Dedemption (almost done with John)
    The Longest Journey (only just started)
  • Machinarium complete. Awesome game.

    So including Gravity Bone (a free 15 minute long indie game!) that's 2. For my next 2 I might do Walking Dead Episode 2 (yea just one episode) and Portal 2: Co-op DLC. On that last one, a friend and I have had literally one puzzle room left since whenever that DLC came out. Yes, I'm going to count it as a "completed game". Hey, tying up loose ends here and there rather than playing four 60 hour games is a perfectly respectable goal...
  • Epic Mickey finished. Substituting in Epic Mickey 2 for Pokémon XD.
  • I'm gonna swap out a couple of games as well, since I've no real desire to finish the two I've got left.

    Out go Halo and The Force Unleashed, and in go Bolt and Lego Harry Potter.
  • I'm gonna swap out a couple of games as well, since I've no real desire to finish the two I've got left.

    Out go Halo and The Force Unleashed, and in go Bolt and Lego Harry Potter.
    SW:TFU is really a good game. It's TFU2 that's meh.

    Also, why don't you want to finish Halo?
  • I've already stated that I didn't like TFU the first time I played it, so there you go.

    As for Halo... I have very bad memories of the Library that's tainting my entire experience. Also, I won't have enough time to finish it before February ends, so I'm switching it out for something I will.
  • I've finished Chaos on Deponia. I already played through The Cave three times, so I'm not sure if I should have put that on my list as I've started many other games I haven't even played through the main story of. I finished and 100%-ed Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 on 3DS, so I'll put that on there instead. I also just finished a 100% achievement run of Psychonauts, so I might count that if I'm not able to finish two more games by the end of the month.
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