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Will you still play The Walking Dead: The Game Season 2 if Clementine is not in it?

posted by J_Scheff on - last edited - Viewed by 4.3K users
The first season revolves around her, it would be strange for me to play it if she is not there at my side needing my protection.

I would give season 2 a shot, but without the drama and emotional toll caring for and protecting Clem it wont be nearly as good as S1, especially without Lee and Clem.

At any rate, I will be pissed if she is no longer part of TWD game.
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  • Kim84;767375 said:
    I think the end of the second season will match the end of the first. Only now we finish as those guys on the hill, which Clem saw in after credits scene.
    If that would be the case I wouldnt mind. I still want to have Clem around, but if we finally meet up with her at the end, then that would be great, because season 3 would have the very much missed Clem. I see why people dont want Clem and other Characters, but having a crossover between seasons adds a lot i think and makes perfect sense.
  • I don't think season 2 would be as meaningful if Clem wasn't in it, so probably not.
  • gimmeseason2;767412 said:
    I don't think season 2 would be as meaningful if Clem wasn't in it, so probably not.
    Agreed that it wont be nearly as meaningful. But I will still give it a shot. I mean TellTale did amazing on this game, I need to see what else they have up their sleeve
  • Yes. Why not? Just because Clem isn't in it doesn't mean it won't be brilliant. :)
  • Yes, even more likely..
    Having a Lee & Clem story in Season 1 is fine, since it was original.
    But if you make another "Season" and do the same shit, it's not gonna be original. It will be a flop.
  • anonymau5;767150 said:
    If she isn't in the second season I'll be glad. If she is, Telltale will probably try to make us her caretaker again, which would just be tedious and dull. If she is in the second season, that's fine. But if we're her caretaker again, I won't play it. That would just result in reused story lines and would undermine anything that Lee did.

    Agreed. I never wanted the responsibility of Clem in the first place. I would rather see her as older and more independent in the second episode if she's there at all.
  • I think very few people can play so well, like Clem,but for me the main thing - it is the story and i think i would plаy for testing the game
  • Just because the first season revolves around her doesn't mean the whole story has too. She will most likely be in season 2 but if she isn't that isn't a big enough reason to not play it.

    Unless she wrote season 1.
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