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Will you still play The Walking Dead: The Game Season 2 if Clementine is not in it?

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The first season revolves around her, it would be strange for me to play it if she is not there at my side needing my protection.

I would give season 2 a shot, but without the drama and emotional toll caring for and protecting Clem it wont be nearly as good as S1, especially without Lee and Clem.

At any rate, I will be pissed if she is no longer part of TWD game.
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  • I would miss Clem and worry about what happened to her... and the few others who made it, but I have faith in Telltales. If the next game is at least close to as good as the last, I'll be more than happy. tbh this game was better than I'd ever thought it would, and I'd say is on my top 3 for gaming.
  • I'd gleefully play it.

    I'm in it for zombies, not because it's "Clementine's Magical Adventure Hour."
  • Answering the OP's question, maybe. But not having Clementine play a part in s2 just seems...weird to me.
  • I'd be disappointed, but I'd still play it. With the cliffhanger i want to see how all of Lee's teachings have trained Clem for surviving on her own, otherwise it was a waste of time.
  • Shit, I'm gonna play Season 2 even if Larry's ghost is in it!
  • Of course lol. I enjoyed taking care of her but she was in no way the sole reason I enjoyed the game.
  • I just beat episode 5. Without getting into spoilers, Clementine needs to be in season 2. I'll play it either way, but I'm begging you! Please put her back in! Anyone who beat episode 5 will know what I mean.

    She is like a canvas in the game! The adult characters change mildly depending on the circumstances they go through. She becomes a whole new person. I played all 5 episodes making decisions and painting her. I want to see what turns out of this.

    I'm begging for her to return. :'(
  • I'll still play the game Clementine or not. I'd prefer Clem's story continued at some point though.
  • Yes. I like Clementine, but I'm not obsessed with her character, therefore this would not affect my interest in playing the game in any way. I like the general concept, I like the mechanics, I know that writers can produce great story with lot of gripping heart-breaking moments, I know that voice actors will be able to make characters alive and realistic, I know that Telltale will not fail our expectations. That's enough for me to want to play it, even if Clementine is not in it, which is doubtful and makes no sense anyway.
  • Yeah, it would just be strange and sad without her. And plus why would they set the end of the last episode like that if they were leaving Clem? Too much has been done now to stop. And there is no quick easy way to tie up the loose ends of her plot...
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