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Am I the only one who dislikes the AGI games?

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Don't get me wrong, I love the content of them, and I know how important the first KQ games were to the adventure genre...But a large part of whether I'm going to like a game or not relies on the presentation; the gameplay, the interface, etc.

It's not that I have anything against typing or even the primitive graphics--I love SQ3 and KQ4 for example and those have non VGA graphics with typing--but I could just never bring myself to like any of the earliest games. I played through KQ1-3 fully, but I could never quite get into them the same way as I did the VGA-SVGA games.

But the AGI games did help my reading skills when I played them first as a Kindergarten age kid, I will give them that.

Perhaps it's the fact that I was introduced to the KQ series, adventure gaming, and PC gaming in general with KQ5--and thus with the VGA, Point N' Click games--But like I said, I've never been able to really get into the AGI games.

Anyone have similar feelings?
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  • What was cool was on some of the computers, the early AGI games actually had mouse control.

    Apple IIGS version for example.
  • That sounds about right.

    Not sure if Tandy included it either? I'm guessing not since it was essentially same version as on dos, with slightly enhanced soundtrack.

    I know ScummVM gives the option but not sure if that's something they added.
  • There are only two "Tandy" versions. One for the Color Computer 3/TRS-80 (which has no mouse) and the other is just the regular DOS version we all have, since Tandy computers run on MS-DOS. Sarien (the interpreter ScummVM uses) is based to resemble the Amiga versions, which supports mouse, so mouse was added.
  • I love the Apple IIgs versions. I spent a lot of time playing them at my cousins. They had cool sound too - you can play them on-line for free at the Virtual Apple II site. It's cool to see the subtle differences and hear the sound.

  • Shhh, don't point out that site, lest it it gets pulled down or has games removed like!

    On a related note, you can play the games on SCUMMVM as well but it takes some work unpacking the 2MG files.

    Unfortunately they haven't added apple's color palette into SCUMMVM yet. You can access PC and Amiga palettes so far IIRC. You also miss out on the apple IIGS interface as it basically accesses the dos style interface (with mostly the same options as on Apple).

    Of interesting thing that is shown because ScummVM accesses the AGI interface rather than Apple II GS interface is in KQ1 for example the quit option brings up a box in which exit quit is highlighted in green and continue is highlighted in red.

    Benefit to using ScummVM? Well you don't have worry about disk swapping.
  • Yeah, I have all the 2mg files - and KEGS, which is a nice emulator. It's just fun to see how the games ran on different hardware.

    I do love the AGI games. Like, Police Quest I, the original release, is definitely my preferred version. I don't care for the VGA remake.

  • I have a difficulty getting Black Cauldron, and Manhunter series to work in emulators.

    Most of the other Sierra games seem to work better.
    I do love the AGI games. Like, Police Quest I, the original release, is definitely my preferred version. I don't care for the VGA remake.

    I agree, and I'm glad its finally been added into the GOG collection.

    It's also more consistent storywise to the PQ2 and PQ3.

    The whole sex change into a female for one of the characters in PQ1VGA just makes things more confusing (as the character appears in PQ2 as a man)! Plus the fact that the city is not consistent between PQ1VGA and PQ2. It's almost as if they based the city off of PQ3, and made it even even bigger more technologically advanced city than even in PQ3. Noting that PQ1VGA is set as far as dates in the game, a year after PQ3!

    THe original also has more puzzles, and more points. More characters to interact with.
  • Yeah, I also just prefer the look of the game too. I actually think the close up of the girl in the car is WAY better in AGI than in the remake.

  • Helen Hots, ya, she's better than Tawnee Helmut. Tawnee looked like a crossdressing man!



    I think Art Serabian, the drunk programmer is better than the remake's replacement character;

    The drunk gangster wannabe William Barnum, in the remake...
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