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Slightly different screen problem

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Bought the game for my wife (both are fans of CSI) & we are having a small problem with the screen. At the first crime scene, only the very top of the descriptive text is visible.

We are running at 800x600 and have tried Hi and medium res. If we change the monitor settings to move the picture up there is nothing else visible.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated. We are running
Windows XP, ATI Radeon 7800, 19" TFT (CTX)


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    hiya arran -

    I hope we can figure this out for ya. It's a fun game to play with a couple....

    Are you referring to the descriptive text that is at the very bottom of the screen? Or the text in the middle of the screen?

    The first thing I would suggest is to try adjusting your monitor's display resolution to something higher, like 1024x768. Does that work?

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    I had this problem too. It's the text at the very bottom of the screen. Oddly sometimes when you play the game you can see all of the text and other times you can only see the very top. Although I wouldn't swear to it, it seems to happen when you load a case for the first time. Next time you go into that case it's OK.
  • Emkwizzard, what kind of video card do you have? Is it the same as Arran's?
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    Also, be sure that no other programs are running when you launch the game.

    Sometimes switching applications during the game - or doing things on the desktop after double-clicking the game icon - can throw off the resolution.

    (instant messengers or other programs that cause the game to be minimized could be the root of what's going on)
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