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Who do you think we'll play as in Season 2?

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Who do you think we'll play as in Season 2 now Lee has gone?
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  • Random male, because thats the easiest choice for telltale.
  • Random male/female (probably male) is the most obvious choice. If we have met the character, go ahead and write them off as they already have established personalities.
  • A Clementine story is possible but it would be easier to start over in a completely new area with new characters

    Probably a female because it would be interesting for once

    Whoever it is has to have a good story which makes you unsure about the character but most of all they have to be human

    Lee was so great because he wasn't perfect, he wasn't even especially good but he was a person
  • Who I hope we'll play as: Christa

    Who we'll probably play as: Random male character on the hill
  • I'm surprised at how many people are choosing Clementine. Not only would that not make sense (her personality is very, VERY established), it would be terrible from a gameplay perspective, and it would effectively void Lee's teachings from the first season. The best possible outcome would be a new, imperfect character with a past and personality that is open to interpretation. This character could coexist in a group with Clementine, having her as an important character without the awkwardness of controlling her and ignoring all that has been established about her in the first season.
  • we could wind up playing as lee's wife. would make for an interesting story plot.
  • Random male. How is it possible to play for someone who is whose character we already know, for example how can we playing , for example, as Omid and be severe?
  • Don't think we'll be playing as Clementine or anybody we already know, so a random stranger(male) seems more probable.
  • I dunno, can be anyone, male or female, but I'm sure it's someone we don't know.
  • Who I hope that we'll play as (though it probably won't happen): Clem's adult son or daughter, 30-40 years in the future.

    It'd give Clem fans some degree of closure, without running the risk that the next season ends up being a weak rehash of this one.

    However, it would also require that the game spends some time on topics that it wouldn't normally have to deal with (e.g. "How many years before a walker just falls over and stays dead?"), so I see this as a fairly remote possibility. Most likely, it'll be some random survivor.
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