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Infinite ammo

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Something that both the Walking Dead and today's movies share in common is infinite ammo. You could go into almost any shooting sequence and pop shots with out even reloading. This small detail gave me an idea for season 2.

Perhaps in season 2 we can scavenge for bullets. They can be practically hidden everywhere and can affect the plot.

Have poor aim and someone might die.
Not enough bullets and too many walkers will live, changing your group's plan or killing someone.
Have a lot of bullets and your group can have target lessons. and you'll share it with AI's that can potentially save lives.

Telltale could even make reloading significant. Let's say you reload at a bad time and a walker will take you by surprise.
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  • I remember when the game was first being developed, Kirkman envisioned that the game would not focus on scavenging bullets and killing zombies, but the human drama. While I think that this idea would be something new, it'd have to strengthen the narrative by a considerable amount.

    As for the poor aim aspect, TT seemed to do that in episode 4. If you have poor aim while saving Molly, you lose her.
  • Zeruis;768892 said:
    Kirkman envisioned that the game would not focus on scavenging bullets and killing zombies, but the human drama.
    Being badly prepared and failing a mission or being badly prepared so you never do the mission can have an affect on the human drama.

    For example, let's say your bro in season two is a some guy called Martinez. His son is very sick and he desperately needs his medication if he is to survive. Martinez realizes that his son's medication is probably in the pharmacy your group hasn't raided yet. The following can happen:
    • Martinez understands the lack of supplies and doesn't try hard to persuade you to go raid the pharmacy. His wife, however, begins fighting with him or possibly you. His wife ends up a lot like Katjaa and your friend is a broken man.
    • Martinez replaces Kenny and his only concern is his wife and child. If you don't back him up on the mission he either never goes and his family blames you or he goes alone, dies, and his wife and/or various members of the group blames you.
    • You and Martinez (and some other guys if you have enough ammo) go because you didn't decline his request. You're either hardening it out with melee, have an easy time with a successful mission, or some people die. You have a high risk of death with the melee outcome, everyone sees you as a hero and you get closer to becoming the group leader in the well supplied outcome, or people die from various reasons and everyone shifts the blame on you and Martinez for going to the pharmacy badly prepared.
    It wouldn't necessarily be the focus of season two as your supplies can put everyone in a different mood, have different chat options, and give us multiple endings. It can give us emotion and force us to think strategically, putting all the stress on you as the group leader.

    My only concern is that TellTale isn't large enough to have such an improvement in story from season 1 to 2 like this. But with their success in 2012, I wouldn't be surprised if some company lends TellTale a hand.
  • Are you asking if infinite ammo is a good idea? If so, i heavily disagree. It really takes me out of the immersion of the game world when i can fire 40 rounds from a pistol while never reloading.

    If you're asking if the scavenging style idea is a good idea, then i agree. I think it shouldn't be a major focus, but the times when walkers must be killed and cannot be avoided, fates depending on how many bullets you've found certainly sounds interesting. Perhaps you could also find an extra weapon as well, maybe different styles could help in different situations and they can given to survivors who would otherwise be without a ranged weapon.
  • i don't really think there should be a number on the amount of ammo you have over all eg. you have 57 bullets in your inventory.

    but i think the shooting sequences should have limited ammo and if you miss to much you get killed, like in crawford when you save christa and vernon you should only have had the ammo you could fit in the gun and if you missed to much the zombies would have killed Lee

    maybe finding extra ammo could effect the story, but only in a way that means you found extra ammo, not you found 10 more bullets, i think if it was about the number of bullets the group had an obvious goal would be to stock up on ammo and just find enough so that the number of bullets you have would be meaningless anyway, If there were a counter that said your group has 347 bullets that would just become a meaningless number because that is just so much ammo that you wont run out any time soon and you wouldn't care about the number at all you would just think "i have enough ammo"
  • well if you ask me they would have loads of ammo..Think about it.. they'r in Georgia (south USA) every house has at least a 9 mm or a hunting rifle..
  • Reznov68;769231 said:
    well if you ask me they would have loads of ammo..Think about it.. they'r in Georgia (south USA) every house has at least a 9 mm or a hunting rifle..
    yeah, lilly had ammo piled up in her room, i think "loads of ammo" is all you really need to know when you are talking about total ammo, but i think a gun should run out and need reloading or you run away/get kiled
  • So it's a loaded magazine that gets discarded everytime you shoot it empty? I think it's a great idea. I just fear many of us might let the whole group get eaten alive because they have no rounds for their weapons.
  • It's a good idea, but it wouldn't really appeal to the casual audience. I, however, would love it.
  • I'm curious to how many people chose the last option because it poked at Ben's mistakes...

    An exact amount of ammo might be to much for the player. Perhaps players can have a choice in difficulty which makes living in the apocalypse harder (e.g. less food and bullets) which will (possibly) open up new paths.

    Ammunition doesn't have to be the only thing that manipulates the story. Medicine and food are good motives in the apocalypse.
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