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[TWD] Episodes 2-5 listed as "coming soon"

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Hey guys,

I've downloaded the walking dead game on the IPad. I played the first episode and paid for the bundle for the rest of the games but when I went to play it, I couldn't as it said "Coming Soon!"
I was quite disappointed with this as it didn't mention that they weren't available here and they are available in UK and everywhere else.
Can anyone tell me when they are available on IPad and if not, how I can be refunded?

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  • I had the same problem. I had to uninstall and re-install before I was able to download the rest of the episodes. Was a bit miffed to lose my saved game and start all over again but I couldn't think of another way to fix it.
  • I have uninstalled and re-installed, completed Episode 1 again and Ep's 2 - 5 still show coming soon.
  • Ok well I got them to download and rather quick. I didn't try to uninstall or finish ep 1 all I did was sit the iPad right next to the wireless router before starting the game, it asked me to "Tap to Continue" like usual, it went through the connecting part then asked me to "Tap to Continue" again. I went into episodes and 2 - 5 had GET beside them, so without moving it away from the router I downloaded them all in about 30 minutes. :)
  • I have the exact same problem!!! but even I put my ipad next to a router it still says "coming soon".. This is very disappointing!
  • I cannot download purchased game of The Walking Dead (episode 2-5) on iPad. Could someone help me? It gives me a connection error when I am connected. Any suggestions???
  • Its not just the walking is Tell Tale themselves. I recently purchased the bundle to another game (Law And Order) and I have been having the same issue - I cannot access episodes 3 through 7. It seems that the problem is with their bundles on the iPad - and yet they do not have the decency to acknowledge this.

    They continue to ignore the people who are paying for the games and their email support is not even good enough to be a joke.
  • Hey guys, I think there might be a fix for you:
    Just follow the instructions in the Post and Download the episodes. It worked for me, I had the same issues and maybe it works for the other TTG too...
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