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How did Clem drag Lee into the jewellery store?

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I just wonder how she was able to carry Lee:confused:
I think Lee was kind of rot! and because of that he lose Weight or something like that
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  • Pickles312 wrote: »
    Amd the walkers didn't notice she was alive at that point. Not every day one walker drags another around.

    I doubt the Walkers use their eyes; rather they use their sense of smelling and hearing. That's why they did not even notice Lee and Clem look vastly different from them.
  • Kiaralight wrote: »
    You guys are making a big deal out of this, sure it would have been ridiculous if she like carried him on her back or something.. she dragged him.. I remember helping to push and pull heavy things around my house all the time. It is not that impossible to imagine her slowly dragging him by his feet and legs.
    I think the problem or the questions people have with the idea of Clementine dragging Lee isn't because of his weight it is because they were in the midst of a zombie herd. Even when characters have masked their smell with zombie guts in the tv show and in the comic they still had to move slowly and act like other walkers. It isn't feasible for her to of dragged him undetected.

    If there was no risk of her being detected because walkers didn't use their sight and used the sense of smell to detect humans as some have suggested, then she wouldn't of needed to hide herself and Lee by forcing down and locking the shutter.

    I enjoyed the game on the whole but I thought that particular sequence was bollocks. I don't know why people are making excuses and trying to rationalise it just because they love the game. If Sophia in the TV show who was larger and stronger than Clementine managed to drag T Dog who was larger than Lee, in a similar situation people would be slating the writers and question how she could have done it, again not because of his weight but because of the hundreds of zombies. The zombies in Kirkman's walking dead are far more perceptive than people are giving them credit for and it is for that reason that Lee and Clementine were walking slow in the first place. The smell of the guts would not have been enough to trick the zombies, they would have to move like them as well. Even if it was Christa dragging Lee that sequence would be hard to accept, simply because the behavior would be out of the ordinary and cause curiosity in the surrounding zombies, supporting others is not zombie behavior, dragging others is not zombie behavior unless they are feeding on a struggling corpse.
  • Siniistar wrote: »
    That actually adds to the sadness of the ending actually...

    think about it. clem spent probably HOURS(notice how it cuts to night time when lee wakes up) covered in zombie filth dragging lee inch by inch into a building(remember the zombies would just ignore them both) not knowing if he was alive yet or dead but holding onto that slim hope that he was. depressed about this game again :/
    You say she could drag him inch by inch knowing that the walkers would ignore them. Then why go through the trouble of dragging him into a building in the first place if walkers were no longer a concern? Why not just drag him to the side of the road, conserve her strength and wait for Lee to wake up if the walkers were no longer a threat? She didn't know Lee was bitten.

    The guts camouflage trick doesn't last for ever it just buys time. The effect wears of eventually. The disguise is broken once a walker notices the person behaving like the living i.e moving differently, talking or panicking and it can wear of with sweat or rain. It is not plausible that she remained expressionless, quiet and avoided attracting attention. There were hundreds of zombies. Her higher functioning brain, attempting to close the shutter would have given her away for sure like when Lee and Molly were holding off the walkers in episode 4 when they were in the garage. Even if Molly and Lee had guts on them in that scene, using a car jack or trying to escape or hide would have attracted unwanted attention.

    The end scene doesn't really take anything away from the game. The game was still a great adventure, but lets not make excuses for the infeasible. Yeah the walking dead is based on a comic but the walking dead comics do not use "comic logic" The Spiderman,Batman and the Darkness comics use comic logic. Kirkman's comic's are written realistically, using real life principles like physics,gravity,trajectory,velocity etc. He even does research on how much kick back a weapon would have for the person using it before he writes his stories.
  • CalDW19940 wrote: »
    It's not impossible for a kid to drag a grown adult by the legs along the ground.

    For some reason everyone thinks Clem somehow just tossed Lee over her shoulder and carried him like that but it's more likely she just dragged him along the ground.

    Zombies would have ignored them for the most part so she would have had a lot of time to drag Lee to safety.
    You say zombies would have ignored them for most part. What are you basing this on? This game works on the principles and rules of Kirkman's walking dead and the comics that started it all. There is no time in the comics where those using the the disguise of guts were able to just act normally or do what ever they wanted because their scent was masked. They still had to move cautiously and behave like the dead. All it takes is for one to see through the disguise. Those scenes are usually put in to add tension because the disguise isn't 100% effective and has no guarantees. Behaving like the living, using sudden movements, showing emotion or human like behavior breaks the illusion of them being zombies.

    A herd works on the principle of a zombie following another to the point where the collective move as one. The idea of Clementine stopping and dragging Lee in the middle of a herd doesn't work.They wouldn't ignore that. Ive tried stopping in the middle the Notting hill carnival, it is much harder than one might think. The people behind you keep walking, when you stop you risk being trampled under feet and i'm talking about people not flesh eating zombies. I can't imagine her being able to keep from screaming if she was accidentally touched by a zombie walking behind which is what would inevitably happen if she stopped during a moving crowd of walkers.
  • ToSch wrote: »
    There are many reports of people doing impossible feats if they have to safe their loved ones. Lifting cars and such stuff. Your body is capable of amazing things, but stops you from performing them so you don't injure yourself in the process. The so called hysterical strength can bypass that for a short time.

    I'm rather irritated about the fact BlackBoxx mentioned. Strength or not there were pretty many zombies. Why didn't they react? Who knows...

    Yeah but the people you spoke of weren't in a zombie apocalypse. The people that pushed their bodies to the limits and picked up cars had the freedom to scream,show facial expressions and move swiftly since they weren't pretending to be zombies. Bottom line is, Clementine would have needed to drag a full grown man effortlessly in super hero fashion, not breaking a sweat to avoid alerting the other zombies to the fact she was not one of them. Facial expressions, showing her effort, her exhaustion and her panic would break her disguise in a heart beat.

    You say your irritated by BlackBoxx's statement but he makes a valid point. The issue isn't her being able to drag Lee it is her doing it at that time, in light of what was going on. Try stopping in the middle of a large moving crowd and you'll see what i'm talking about. Then imagine a child her size and weight stopping in a middle of a large moving, predominantly adult crowd. At what point would she be able to crouch down to grab his hands or feet? If you bend down in a moving crowd to pick up your keys you could be trampled since those in the crowd behind you are being pushed by the people behind them, etc.
  • Pretty much a plot hole, kind of.
  • Mornai wrote: »
    Perhaps they thought she was one of the walkers with severed legs who drags themselves around. They're obviously not, but maybe the walkers would be too stupid to tell the difference. If they can be fooled by a mere smell, they can probably be fooled by many other things as well.
    The weaker zombies in the walking dead universe are smart enough to fool the living into thinking they are dead before surprise attacking them the way snakes do. Trust me, there not that stupid. Ask Dale(comic) or Lee(game)

    When people use the guts disguise they still have to act like the undead. If they act like the living by showing emotion they are screwed. That is why Lee told Clementine not to look when she saw her parents because if the zombies that used to be her parents saw her react emotionally they would have attacked her.
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