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How did Clem drag Lee into the jewellery store?

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I just wonder how she was able to carry Lee:confused:
I think Lee was kind of rot! and because of that he lose Weight or something like that
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  • There are many reports of people doing impossible feats if they have to safe their loved ones. Lifting cars and such stuff. Your body is capable of amazing things, but stops you from performing them so you don't injure yourself in the process. The so called hysterical strength can bypass that for a short time.

    I'm rather irritated about the fact BlackBoxx mentioned. Strength or not there were pretty many zombies. Why didn't they react? Who knows...
  • maybe one of teh walkers helped her
  • I wondered that myself, but decided to ignore that impossibility. There's no way she could have dragged him on her own power on asphalt... maybe if it were a smoother surface.
  • BlackBoxx wrote: »
    I'm more curious how she managed to avoid drawing attention to herself long enough to get Lee to safety. Walkers don't drag things unless they have to pull it closer to eat it. That should have been a stand-out action... Plot hole... or unexplained phenomenon?

    Perhaps they thought she was one of the walkers with severed legs who drags themselves around. They're obviously not, but maybe the walkers would be too stupid to tell the difference. If they can be fooled by a mere smell, they can probably be fooled by many other things as well.
  • Suspension of disbelief - I simply choose to not think about it :P
  • Could be Molly helping her?
  • Adrenaline can do crazy things.
  • I know that Lee blacked out, but maybe he was still conscience enough to maybe stumble/crawl with her leading? That's what I kind of thought about it. He collapses, Clem starts pulling on him, he kind of crawls along, she guides him, gets him inside, and has to close the door up behind her.
  • I don't know if you ever tried it but dragging people isn't that hard really.
    Usually, it's easier than dragging objects of the same weight, not sure why but it is.
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