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How did Clem drag Lee into the jewellery store?

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I just wonder how she was able to carry Lee:confused:
I think Lee was kind of rot! and because of that he lose Weight or something like that
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  • garavel wrote: »
    I don't know if you ever tried it but dragging people isn't that hard really.
    Usually, it's easier than dragging objects of the same weight, not sure why but it is.

    It's because of armpits and feet. No seriously. Objects you would move by dragging are too large to carry, so you can more easily overcome the frictional force they have with the ground than you can their gravitational force. The only problem is getting a good grip. Try moving a couch and you may have to try a few things to get a grip that you won't lose in 2 seconds. But a person has armpits which provide an easy grip where both hands are nicely spaced apart. If that doesn't work, grabbing their feet allows even more options since they are more flexible. You can lift, widen and tighten the space between your hands as you see fit without losing grip ability.
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    Jennifer Moderator
    It's like the Mythbusters episode where they wanted to see if you really could throw a dead body around as easily as they do in the movies, and like BlackBoxx said, because of the leverage the shape of the human body gives you, it really was that easy.

    They did it first with a 150 lb weight, and it was hard, but a 150 lb artificial human cadaver was simple. They went through an obstacle course where they dragged it up and down stairs, threw it through a window, rolled it up in a blanket, and threw it into the boot of a car. Both Adam and Jamie were able to do all that in under two minutes.

    So, I'd recon a girl Clementine's size should be able to drag a 150-200 lb unconscious man into a garage in 5-10 minutes or so (remember the zombies were completely ignoring her and Lee because of their smell, even after Lee hit one with his shoulder, so they wouldn't be a problem).
  • Eh, dragging isn't that hard... Even for a little girl.
  • Honestly yeah,that was the first thing that popped in my mind when she said that she dragged,and locked them in...eeeeh,Clem?

    But,I suppose she was able to handle it.
  • maybe one of teh walkers helped her
    I lol'd

    But yeah, adrenaline for sure. We also don't know how far the store was from where Lee collapsed. It might have been a short distance.
  • guys,it's really easy:
    she tried,found out she wasn't strong enough,whistled,a few of our friendly neighborhood walkers helped her,then they went back to roaming...

    but seriously:
    if you notice lee didn't look that bad before the final faint but after they got to the jewelry store he looked real shi-tty,that could suggest there was a long time between him fainting and waking,so it probably took clem a long while to drag him
  • True Love makes miracles
  • The jewelry store was probably right next to the spot where he fainted and Clem slowly dragged Lee without getting noticed by the walkers. Also, plot holes.
  • zev_zev wrote: »
    True Love makes miracles

    Yeah, that's not creepy at all.......
  • DreadMagus wrote: »
    Yeah, that's not creepy at all.......

    You're right, it isn't.
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