TWD - Black Screen Issue & Workaround

MattPMattP ModeratorFormer Telltale Staff
A small number of users have reported that they reach a permanent black screen while attempting to load their save or rewind to a previous episode. We have investigated this issue and determined that it can occur when trying to play an episode that does not have any existing save data, but the episodes before and after it do. For example, If after playing through episode 3, a player skips to episode 5, plays to a save point, and then tries to start a game in episode 4 by pressing the Play button on the Episode 4 play screen , they will encounter a black screen.

To recover from this issue, locate an episode with save data and use the Rewind Menu to select a save point to load. The checkpoint should load and the next time the game saves, the black screen should no longer occur. Using the above example, there is no Episode 4 save progress, and by rewinding into Episode 4 all progress in Episode 5 is lost. So the last Episode with existing save data is Episode 3.

We plan to release a patch for this issue on PC, Mac, PS3 and iOS in the near future. A fix will be added to the next Title Update for Xbox 360, though this does not yet have a scheduled release date. Once a patch does go live, this workaround would need to be completed by anyone who is already affected by a black screen, but going forward a black screen should no longer be experienced.


  • MattPMattP ModeratorFormer Telltale Staff
    edited February 2013
    A fix has been released for Telltale PC/Mac, Steam PC/Mac, and iOS. This fix will be automatically downloaded when the game is launched as long as an internet connection exists.

    We are still working on a patch for Xbox and PS3.
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