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Voice actors you'd like to see as the PC in season 2

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Here's some of mine:

Most famous as the voice of Optimus Prime and Eeyore, I honestly think Peter could imbue a new PC with the same level of emotion and pathos as Dave Fennoy before him.

Another VA of considerable renown, Jim Cummings has already been contributing many voices to the video game business, and his rich, distinctive voice would be ideal for a PC.

If Telltale decided to make the PC of season 2 into a woman and needed a VA who could be strong and vulnerable all in the same moment, they couldn't go wrong with Montano.

If Clementine becomes the PC of the next game, it goes without saying Melissa simply has to reprise her role.

All right, this is me just being ridiculous, I admit it. But come on, a zombie video game with Arnold? Would you really pass that up?
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  • How about a worst voice actors thread. Get Ray Romano in

    Sylvester Stalone too,I do like him but he couldn't pull this off.
  • Jesse Cox. I'm jus' saying.
  • I would put Nathan Fillion in.

  • Jean Claude van Damme!
  • Morgan freeman or raiden
  • I think you mean John DiMaggio. I don't think any dead baseball players will be in Season 2. :p

    That was sort of the point of wait I said. It's sort of hard to get a tone of voice off of the internet. However, I meant "That would be interesting to see. As how he is dead."
  • I'd say Dave Fennoy just because... well come on :P. It's Lee while you wear a blindfold. I'd like him coming back to play some kind of role.
  • No offense to anyone, but there are some really terrible suggestions in this thread. Sylvester Stallone? Schwarzenegger? Seth MacFarlene? No, just no. Some of the people mentioned in this thread aren't even voice actors or well known for their voice acting abilities, and I don't want anyone involved in one of the major animated sitcoms to come within an inch of this series. I don't want to hear Fry or Bender while I'm trying to get engaged in the story of the game. It would sound ridiculous and be really jarring. One franchise that's known for it's top notch quality of voice acting talent is Star Wars. Regardless of what you think of The Clone Wars animated series, there's no denying that it is one of the best voice acted television series out there. Also, the Knights Of The Old Republic games and The Force Unleashed have some of the best voice acting I've ever heard in any video game. They really made you empathize with and connect with the characters and made the universe much more believable. My top candidates for any role in the game (not just the pc) are: Sam Witwer, Matt Lanter, James Arnold Taylor, Raphael Sbarge, Jennifer Hale, and Kevin Michael Richardson.
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