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Ideas that could be used in a new KQ

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What do you guys feel are some ideas (based on stories-myths-fables-folklore) that could be used in a new KQ game?

I feel incorporating elements from the Pinocchio story could be interesting. Have a character in the game who you have to help who is inspired by Pinocchio. A an inanimate character turned to life who you need to help become "real" as a subplot. This character later in turn helps you.

Something inspired by the story Moby Dick--That is an epic tale and we haven't dealt with the idea of traveling by sea (outside of KQ6's opening cutscene) since KQ3.

The idea of a Green Man of sorts. Perhaps a mythical sort of "Plant Man" who has an idyllic garden, who loves his garden the same way humans love their loved ones. Sort of an unearthly character.

Cull some scary creatures/scary elements from H.P. Lovecraft--some of his monsters. Nothing as serious as his stories, but his monsters and vague story elements.

Take some vaguely Tolkien inspired elements like Barrow-Wights--Things of that nature.

KQ7 and KQ8 touched on this--but nature spirits or elemental characters coul be interesting in a new KQ.

Elements from Native American mythology might be interesting to look at.

The next KQ game should be an epic. Not an epic in terms of making the story edgier, but in terms of scope. Think of the epic journey feel of KQ5 (and it's myriad of characters, monsters and locations) with the refinement of KQ6--And a villain who is a deliciously evil yet also powerful. A sorcerer of some kind.
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  • KQ4 had a few notable Pinocchio references in the form of the whole "swallowed by a whale" thing. Though that could just as easily be a biblical reference to Jonah as well (which the Pinocchio story itself may also be referencing.)

    What strikes me about your suggestions is how easily Pinocchio inspired elements and Moby Dick inspired elements could be blended together to interesting effect. It certainly has potential for some cool moments!
  • The toymaker/puppet puzzle in KQ5 was loosely inspired by pinnochio. Without the puppet brought back to life side of the story.
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