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The Epilogue Speculation

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Hey there folks.

So,just a quick thread about something that's been on my mind for some time. :)
So...I'll be talking about Episode 5's epilogue. ;)

In the fifth episode,during the sign-crossing scene,the player is given a dialogue option telling Christa and Omid either of three things:"Find a boat","find me when you get down",and "meet us by the train".
Alright...and later in the Jewelry Store,if Clem is told to find Omid and Christa,Lee will say the line appropriate to the dialogue choice at the sign-crossing scene,with the "Clem will remember that" note.
So after the credits have finished,the first thing we see is Clem in the field,crying,with a gun,supposedly just got out of the Jewelry Store.
Clem got out of the city,but I am sure it took her quite a while to get through the entire city on foot,and to the countryside (and who knows where in the countryside).Would Clem really cry the entire way while walking to the countryside (we can see Clem wiping the tears,recently cried)?We can see her still covered in blood,but (of course),where are Chirsta and Omid?
Could there have been a significant time that passed between the ending,and the epilogue?Where,perhaps,something happened to Omid and Christa (an event,or maybe the whole episode),forcing Clem to separate from them and wonder the field,where she eventually saw the two people in the distance(Who could still be C. i O.)?
Back to the previous part of the thread,perhaps our dialogue choice about what should two of them do...find a boat,or meet Clem by the train,change how the story continued "after the credits"...if you get my point. ;)
And,in the Episode 5 Stats trailer ( we can see that one of the "major decisions" was;Who is going to take care of Clem after Lee?Isn't it kinda interesting why would Telltale put a dialogue option as a "major decision",even though its not shown as one in the game,or at The Walking Dead's site? Change of plans? :P

On top of all that,Telltale confirmed they are currently working on implementing the choices from the first season into the second,and are talking about several different scenario's for the second season? :)

So...what do you think? :) It makes sense. ;)
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  • I'm surprised that Kenny was an option, considering he's assumed to be dead.

    Anyway, maybe the people walking at the end change based on what you told her in Season 1?

    Just a thought anyway. Sounds insane but then again, doesn't all speculation? I need something to do to ease this TWD withdrawal! :p
  • Well, let's say this.
    You just lost your parents. Your caretaker who you love. All of his friends who maybe you're friends with to (Clementine thought Ben was nice and didn't wanna leave him behind at Crawford). How much WOULD you cry? I know it would be a damn long time, considering she is just 9.
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