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Deleted My Saves After Episode 4/Glitch City!

posted by justinnothighenuff on - last edited - Viewed by 296 users
yeah my game has recently gotten deleted after completeing episode 4. after i watch the credits and it says to countinue too episode 5. it forcibly made me start back at episode 1... about 10-11 hours of work. it made me start at episode 1 with none of my saved games/choices from episode 5. i am highly dissapointed in how glitchy the saves and gameplay is. you would think a 2013 game on a xbox 360 would have a little bit of a quality graphics installed instead of missing sound missing saves and a few glitchy parts... i believe this game was rushed too get fast money and took no effort to make for the consumer/customer... after spending time by slow action sequence and absolutely no running. just too finish my 5th episode. my saves are reverted too episode 1. not even being able to start 5th episode. great game but honestly one of the most glitchy games i have ever laid eyes on. who ever was in charge of makeing sure the game was past testing stage is a moron... was not ready for the public... look on google and youtube on how many problems are found with this game. very sad too think they tried to help the Walking Dead Franchise. very very very dissapointed
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