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License to post onto YouTube?

posted by SophieMayK on - last edited - Viewed by 523 users
Hey all,
I am currently having one of my videos disabled for monetization on YouTube for my new "Walking Dead" series. I need to provide a link to their online license terms. I had a look but only found that I can't share the software (which is obviously piracy.) I purchased the game from steam so I own it, is there anywhere that states if I am allowed to share my game play on YouTube?

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  • You are allowed to post as many walking dead videos as you like. but you are not allowed to make money out of it.
    MattP;732716 said:
    Hey guys, I want to make everyone aware that while we don't mind fan-made or Let's Play videos, we do not approve of monetizing copywritten material. Alan may not have fully understood exactly what was being asked, but I have asked this question of his and my superiors, and they have confirmed that we don't allow this.
  • Does That Means I can upload my Gameplay on youtubE I WONT monotize it just upload as i m a big fan plz reply fast

    Thanks For Helping...............

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