Help me find missing Poem Imagery?

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Hello fellow Telltale gamers. I'm trying to locate all of the imagery in The Great Cow Race just for completion's sake (much like getting all the unnecessary Teen Girl Squad bits for SBCG4AP). I think I'm missing only one out of twenty due to a conspicuous empty space. After all, it's possible to progress the plot with only 8 pieces of imagery (Fone starts out with 3 if you didn't examine things in The Clearing, can then choose to only ask Dirk for something smooth, followed by talking to Benedict about imagery just once, and is forced to talk to Cecil about the topic 3 times, getting 2 mandatory but useless bits for the poem-mad-lib)... but there's actually quite a few that can be obtained elsewhere.

Here's a list of everything I've found:
  • Moby Dick: Start with it.
  • Herman Melville: Start with it.
  • Harpoon: Start with it.
  • Crocus: Examine the flowers in the bushes in The Clearing.
  • Log: Examine the log behind the stump in The Clearing.
  • Rock: Examine the boulder in The Clearing.
  • Honey: Examine the spilled honey in The Clearing.
  • Cricket: Ask Ted about imagery when not looking at the poem.
  • Button: Ask Ted again when not looking at the poem.
  • Shoe: Ask Ted a third time when not looking at the poem.
  • Bone: Ask Dirk about something white.
  • Steel: Ask Dirk about something blue.
  • Silk: Ask Dirk about something smooth.
  • Milk: Ask Benedict once.
  • Hay: Ask Benedict again.
  • The Moon: Ask Benedict a third time.
  • Mutton: Ask Cecil once.
  • Turnips: Ask Cecil again.
  • A Drop of Dew: Ask Cecil a third time.

That's 19 out of an apparent 20 if the conspicuous empty space on the right side below Moby Dick is any indication. Here's hoping someone can point me in the right direction or some such. I put this thread here in the Hints and Tips forum just because of the potential spoilers for first-timers.

Here's a bit of speculation to start off this silly scavenger hunt: Some bits of imagery seem to have the potential to rhyme with another. Here's the pairs I can figure:
  • Moby Dick and Rock (not really?)
  • Melville and Steel (sort of?)
  • Harpoon and Moon
  • Button and Mutton
  • Shoe and Dew (as well as the last line's You)
  • Silk and Milk (obviously)
There's some things around the fair that might rhyme with other objects, such as Pinwheel with Steel, or Basket with Cricket. I've tried to examine these to no avail, though. Then again, maybe there really are only 19 things you can get for imagery? It'd be nice if someone could help me confirm it.

Lemme know if anyone finds that last bit, if it exists!
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