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Check out Telltale's new beta site!

posted by puzzlebox Telltale Staff on - last edited - Viewed by 3.3K users
Hey all! You might have noticed the shiny new banner at the top of the page... the web team here has literally just launched the public beta test for our new site.

I can't add much more instruction-wise to what's already in the blog post, so go check that out for more info. However, if you want a shortcut, here's the path to the Community section (aka the new forum).

Your feedback is welcomed and appreciated - let us know on the beta forum what you think of the new look and feel, and of course flag it up if you find any bugs we can squash! It'd be awesome if discussion of the beta forum happened ON the beta forum, but I'll leave this thread open just for anyone who might have trouble registering in the new place.

See you over there!

UPDATE: The beta is done for now - thanks so much to all who participated! Your feedback has been well received, and the web team will be making some updates to the site functionality before the big launch. We really appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts!
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    Blind Sniper Moderator
    Chiming in to say Verification isn't working for me. I also experienced some formatting issues on my iPhone as flesk said above. However, the website works fine on iPad for me.

    I also like the polish you added to various game sites, such as taking time to remove the small unfinished sections from the Back to the Future website or sprucing up the Sam and Max website.

    EDIT: Just now got a verification email, yay!
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    flesk wrote: »
    Doesn't seem to be working for me either. Actually I don't really know, because the site is seriously broken on mobile devices, which is what I use most of the time.

    I believe the web team is working on a mobile site that scales nicely.
  • puzzlebox wrote: »
    I believe the web team is working on a mobile site that scales nicely.

    I'm glad to hear that. I hope it will be better suited for mobile networks as well.
  • Yeah, this verification thing doesn't seem to go very fast. What if I change email accounts before I get the verification?
  • Yeah, this verification thing doesn't seem to go very fast. What if I change email accounts before I get the verification?

    Then you are branded a dumb for the rest of your days, and all your degrees and diplomas and other accreditation is then burned.
  • Apparently, Telltale didn't like my fancy university account, so I had to dredge up my account from highschool to be able to get on the new forum.

    My verdict: No.

    It's just... difficult to navigate. I hate the fact that the most recent post isn't at the end of a thread. This is probably my single biggest problem with the forum because I am a person who shows up the forum every once and awhile, checks all the updated threads for new posts, and then moves on. I don't have time to reread every goddamn thread over again to find new posts that were +1'd to a higher plane of existence or stuck somewhere weird because they were a reply to another post.

    I already posted this on the forum, but I just wanted to make my displeasure clear. If the site stays too similar to the beta, I will most likely be on this site much less and move my residence to myth-weavers or minmax boards.
  • I'm with you. I really don't think I could use it regularly. And it's not easy to dip in and out of every few days while also keeping up with postings. This isn't a fear of change talking, this is my fear that the sense of community alive in this place will be irreversibly lost in the new place. I get that changes to the site need to be made but it needn't be so radical especially with the community heart of the place.

    But this is only my opinion and I doubt that it carries much weight around here.
  • Yeah, I mean, I like the shiny look, but it's the shiny allure of a double stamped jigsaw puzzle. You spend more time looking for the right pieces than actually playing the game.
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    Blind Sniper Moderator
    I would be alright if multiple nested comments applied to official news posts to give them that Reddit feel while either removing nested comments beyond a reply to a forum post or keeping them but having them toggled (not on by default would be nice). I made a post with more feedback on the beta forums.
  • Or we could just agree as a community to always respond only to the original post. This would make our own normal forum.
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