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TWD season pass troubles.

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Okay so, I am new to this and I only got my ps3 about a month ago. One of the reasons was to play The Walking Dead because my friend would not stop talking about it. I downloaded the demo to try it and really liked it.

I purchased the season pass from the demo because it said it had the full game. I downloaded it, and everything seemed fine. I played through the first chapter in like a day. So today is my day off. Plan was to play through as much of the game as I can. I got excited and turned on my game aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand

All the other episodes were listed as "coming soon."

I went to download them. And it said I had to buy them from the store! I thought what the hell. Did the obvious thing. Deleted them, reinstalled.

Now the game won't install at all! It's in the game utility data but I can't play it! I am insanely unimpressed. My plans for relaxing on my day off are pretty much ruined, I wasted 20 bucks that the PSN support told me I might not get all of it back, and I want to know what the hell happens next.

Now if I do get the full refund of this, does anyone know what I did wrong? Is there anything I did from my list of things that seems like I screwed up somewhere? Is there a special combination of buttons I have to press to get this to work? Because I hear stuff like this has been a problem since October, why the hell hasn't this been fixed?

I guess I'm just frustrated. I just want to know what happens next 8C
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