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What is your worst Sam & Max game?

posted by ryannumber1gamer on - last edited - Viewed by 1.2K users
Personally its Hit the Road for me, I don't really know why other than i like Telltale's Sam & Max voice actors better, I like Telltales's humor better as well. Don't get me wrong, its not a bad game or anything but i just like Telltale's Sam & Max seasons better.
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  • After playing them all I have to say Season 1 is the best overall as all 6 episodes were brilliant Season 2 Chariot of the dogs was the best thing Telltale have ever done but the rest of the series was a bit weaker than series 1 and Season 3 was the weakest Telltale but was still really good and interesting just had no Bosco...

    So Hit the road has to be the worst because it was really good but just missed the brilliant humour that Telltale achieved making Sam and Max the best thing ever done by Humanity
  • Season 3 is mine, it has an amazing plot and dark story, but in the end it doesn't feel like Sam and Max to me.
  • Id have to say hit the road, i still really liked the game, but i got stuck a LOT and without a hint system like on the two monkey island special editions my only options were to keep at it for who knows how long until i figured it out or look up what to do online.

    I preffer hints to help me along as opposed to "just do this" in walkthroughs.
  • I've never played Hit the Road but I've seen a playthrough of it (wanted to know what the hub bub was about on it) and I dunno if I'd be any good on it.

    My personal worst one goes to Season 1, it was just kind of disjointed and didn't keep my interest as well as Season 2 and 3 did. However I loved each individual episode differently, it's just as a whole Season 1 was the one I liked the least.
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