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Further dialogue options you wish you had in the game

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Here's a few examples. If you saved Carley instead of Doug:

"I just want to know...why didn't you pick him?"

- Well, I had to make a decision in a stressful kind of environment...
- He told me to hurry up when I was killing my brother. Dick.
- Let's just face it, Carley, you're hot and he wasn't.

If you dropped a salt licker on Larry, but didn't skewer Danny:

"You kill my dad but let this piece of shit live? Fucking asshole!"

- I couldn't murder him in front of Clem!
- Fine. YOU shoot him.
- Well, your dad was a piece of shit too, so...

When confronting the stranger:

"I'd be a better surrogate father than you."

- You've got your wife's head in a bag.
- You've got your wife's head in a bag.
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  • At the scene in the road, right after Lilly kills Carley or Doug, and she rats out Lee's past.

    Lilly:"Lee killed someone before all of this even started"
    Kenny: "I don't care what he did before!"
    Lilly: You KNOW?!
    Lee and Kenny: *bro fist*
  • When confronting the Stranger about taking his supplies-

    Lee: "So in a zombie apocalypse, where everyone is starving and cold, you're gonna leave a car full of food and supplies by itself and not expect anyone to take from it? HMM?!" x)
  • Lilly:"Lee killed someone before all of this even started"
    Kenny: "I don't care what he did before!"
    Lilly: You KNOW?!
    Lee and Kenny: *bro fist*[/QUOTE]

    ahahahahahaha ^LIKED
  • Carley: "Wait Lee... How did you choose? We both needed you... You chose me."
    Lee: "You saved my life two times in the past couple of hours, I owed you."

    Lilly: "Ben, you have until that walker is dealt with to tell me it was her and not you!
    Carley: "Stop this. You're torturing him!"
    Ben: "No..."
    Lilly: "Ben!!"
    Carley: "Stop!"
    Lilly: "This is about trust and I've never trusted you!"
    Lee: "Lilly, stop it! We have to look at this from a more rational perspective!"
    Lilly: "But Lee-!"
    Lee: "I get it, you lost someone. This is your way of venting your anger, but everyone has lost someone. Just because you lost Larry doesn't make you special and it sure as hell doesn't give you the right to act like this!"

    Lee: "... Chuck, he uh... he didn't make it."
    Christa: "Oh my god..."

    Lee: "And also... I love you."
    Clementine: "I love you too Lee."

    Stranger: "Have you ever hurt someone you care about?"
    Lee: "Yes. Of course."
    Stranger: "Who?"
    Lee: "Her name was Carley... After what happened with my wife I didn't think I'd get to be happy again, didn't think I deserved to. She made me happy, and in the end... I failed her."
  • "How dare you accuse me of not being there for you. The only reason you wanted me to help kill Larry was so you could feel justified... you killed him and blame me. You leave me to die. Yoj self centred prick. Your not the only person looking out for people. The needs of the many outway the needs of the Kenny. I ran this group, not Lily and not you"
  • I wish there was a LOT more options with the Stranger conversation.It was pretty disappointing,pretty much the only stuff you can say when he is accusing you is: I/you fucked up;I'm sorry;You wouldn't have done better.And when he is blaming you for Lilly,etc. more critical moments in the game: You weren't there;She deserved it (Lilly);Thats not the whole story. I mean Lee,really?
  • I wanted the option to accuse Lilly during the argument on the road in episode 3.

    "You want to know what i think? I think YOU did it, Lilly."
    "Yeah, that's right. You seem so eager to pin this on someone else, as if you don't care who really did it, as long as someone takes the blame.
    You start the investigation and lead it right where you want it to go, so you can get rid of someone you despise and make everyone think they were to blame. Of course no one would suspect you since you're the one who started it, right? It's the perfect crime."

    Though it probably would have caused Lilly to shoot Lee, heh. Even though her being the culprit was unreasonable, in the heat of the moment it probably would have cast doubt on her from everyone else. She would have looked like a fool and maybe even backed off or calmed down, and a life would not have been lost.

    Why, Lilly....why...
  • Hey I got one.

    Stranger: You left a ten year old boy hanging. :mad:

    Y) He was really fucking annoying.
    B) It's more complicated than that.
  • After Ben bungles his jump and falls to the ally floor.

    Kenny: Shit Lee, what do we do?
    Kenny: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah......<thud>
  • Actually I've got a serious one. Usually when you tell the Stranger you've hurt someone you care about I get Kenny as an option because he's very easy to offend. :p

    But I've noticed on some Let's Play Carley's name comes up, which I never get. Apparently you have to do something remotely hurtful to her for that to happen. Then on one play through Ben's name popped up and I'm like oh yeah, probably hurt him when I let him die in Crawford. :(

    So I got to thinking, can you say you hurt Molly? It is possible to leave her behind at Crawford like Ben. And this can happen right after talking to her about her past. So I go through the whole game trying not to hurt Kenny or Ben and I left Carley behind in Macon so she wouldn't be considered an option.

    So I get to Crawford, I'm nice to Molly about her sister, show that I care, then I shoot her, because, you know, I figured that was about as hurtful as Lee can get towards her (even if it is an accident). And for good measure, I lie to Clem about it when I get back.

    I get to the Stranger, he asks me if I ever hurt anyone, I say Yes, and when he asks me who my options are Clementine, My Wife, and...Lilly. :confused:

    Lilly?!?!? That psycho bitch? That doesn't even make sense since I never once did anything that suggested I cared about her on that playthrough. She get's a shout out in the I hurt people question, but not Molly if you leave her behind? What kind of shit is that?

    Speaking of Lilly and the Stranger, if you say you've never hurt anyone you've cared about and sided with Kenny in the meat locker, he says "You didn't hurt that girl when you held her back while your friend smashed her father's head in?" To which I wanted to say. "Probably, BUT I DIDN'T CARE ABOUT HER. So try again."
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