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What's with everyone hating on Kenny?

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I don't get it.

In my playthrough of the game, he was the closest person to me besides Clem.

I don't understand why people hate him for the things he did. Lets put you guys in his situations.

1. If Clem or Shawn is in trouble, wouldn't you make sure Clem is safe before Shawn is? Especially if there's another person around to help the other.

2. If Larry would be screaming that Clem is bitten and want's to throw her out, wouldn't you get defensive and wanna punch him in the face?

3. If you looted the entire area around you and ran out of resources wouldn't you want to move on if you had your own RV? Nothing left.

4. (The most debatable one, but I will always side with Kenny here) Killing Larry. I am stunned by how many people decided to try and save him. Are you guys serious? This guy was a complete arse to you the entire time. He tried to KILL YOU in EP 1 and threatened you/blackmailed you in episode 2. He was not afraid to kill you if he had the chance. In fact by trying to kill you he put Clem's life in danger more or less the same as Ben did leaving her.

And now you're in a locked room with someone who's known to have heart issues who just dropped and stopped breathing. You and your family is in danger of getting eaten by a really strong zombie with no way out.

Are you REALLY going to try and revive someone like that? Understanding very well that if you don't get it in time you just doomed everyone in that room, you, Clem, Kenny everyone. Dead. And people seem to blame Kenny for doing what he did?

Everyone can have their own opinions on this topic, but I would never put everyone at risk to try and save some that is a complete POS and is about to turn and kill you all. Kenny was absolutely in the right state of thinking here.

5. If Clem was bitten... wouldn't YOU want to hold out on killing her? Wouldn't you want to grasp on to hope and have every last second with her? It's not like he didn't come to his sense's... He did what he had to do at the very end, if you say you forced him, that's what the group is there for. Supporting each other.

Hell if Clem was bitten I would just turn off the game because I wouldn't be able to kill her. In fact in real life I don't know how I would react to something like this. Kenny was extremely strong by the end of all this.

I'll skip a lot of the minor parts here and go to EP 4

6. Finally, if you found out that Ben took away everything you had in your life... Let's say Ben got Clem killed, caused numerous other deaths and was lying to you this entire time, wouldn't YOU want him dead in the spur of the moment? At the end of the day you all have emotions.

I can keep going on and on... but every time I hear people talk about how much Kenny was an asshole I just do not get it. What would you do so different in his position? What makes him such an asshole? Because he always faced reality and told things like they were? He was just a man trying to take care of his family. What's with all the hate on him?

In fact, by the end of the game Kenny was the only one I trusted with Clem. Not only would Clem become part of Kenny's family this way (Thus giving Kenny a reason to keep going now) but I damn well know he would do everything in his power to protect her. Whatever it is, he would do whats best for her safety.
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  • He's one of my favorite characters, and I feel like he went out in a great way. Nevertheless, that's to say I didn't hate him at one point or another. In my playthrough, he left Lee for dead twice.
  • CarScar wrote: »
    No, I understand how people hate him. You don't help him kill Larry and he leaves you to die, twice. Despite me saving his family multiple times, if I don't help him kill someone suddenly I deserve to die. I mean, goodness.

    "Do you think I liked doing what I did? I'm the kind of guy who couldn't stand letting our dog be put down."
    "What if it were Katjaa or Duck? Could you do the hard thing then?"
    "Never gonna happen."

    Then it happens, and he fails to act upon it. He puts everyone's life in danger, similar to the meat locker situation. It's actually canon that everyone would die if Lee didn't act. I understand that it's his kid, but it is hypocritical of him. It just shows how insensitive he was too Lilly, he didn't even give her the chance to revive Larry.

    But the absolutely worse thing about Kenny is this line he gave me:

    "Lee, man... You know I care about Clementine, and I am a Christian man. But if it were me, asking you for help, would you be there for me? Because there's been plenty of times you haven't been."

    Well, excuuuseee me but I helped save your family so many times in the past and when I ask you to return my good deeds, you tell me that? What is his fucking problem man, he'd let a little girl die because I didn't help him kill people (only times I disagreed with Kenny was killing Larry and Beatrice).
    Mind you even though I said that, I still really liked Kenny. I just understand why people hate him, I mean I hated him between episodes two and four.
  • CarScar wrote: »
    Mind you even though I said that, I still really liked Kenny. I just understand why people hate him, I mean I hated him for the first four episodes.

    Me and Kenny have always been bros, considering I helped him kill Larry:P

    I can understand how you could hate him if you did not, though. Hate may be a bit of a strong word, though.
  • One thing I really like about Kenny is that he redeems himself at the end, whether it was for Ben or Christa (I prefer the latter sacrifice). In a way, even though Lee and Kenny can disagree most of the game, they actually have a lot in common when it comes to trying to do something noble at the end after screwing up really badly in life.
  • I'm just going to answer your questions pretty much one by one. :)

    1. Kenny did choose to save his son which is understandable but the fact once he had done so he didn't even attempt to save Shawn, he just ran away like a coward.

    2. Kenny wasn't in the wrong here. His son was being threatened and was assumed to be bitten (which he wasn't) I'm sure if it was anyone's son they would do the same.

    3. Kenny tried to force his decisions onto other people which Kenny I don't think made a good leader in any way at all. Everyone should have had a say in what they wanted to do rather than Kenny making everyone do what he wanted. Although he did have a good point that all the resources in the surrounding area had been drained.

    4. I believe by attempting to save him you're making the right decision, but I also agree with killing him because if Larry had came back then that would of doomed them all. The truth is saving Larry was the only human thing to do at that time, as sad as it sounds I have morals (even in game play) I believe in keeping the humanity and by saving Larry or attempting should I say is sustaining that humanity. Other people can feel free to disagree but this is just what I personally think.

    5. If Clementine was bitten I'd do the same as Katjaa, I'd spend the last amount of time I had with her. I know what would have to happen and I know it would have to be taken care of but I wouldn't kill myself like Katjaa. Kenny was hurting throughout the process of Duck worsening. He knew what had to happen but he was in denial of it because of what had happened in Episode 1 - A New Day. The incident with Shawn, Lee also points this out in Episode 3

    6. I agree with this only very dearly though, I believe in forgiveness but I don't believe Ben should have been killed but cut loose from the rest of the group. He should of just been dumped, Kenny had every right to be upset/angry at Ben but the death sentence he was threatening was unfair. I think if you're going to live in a new world then you've still got to have some humanity, that's the only way you'll get by.

    I hope I helped answer your questions. Overall not everyone hates Kenny as much as it seems, a lot of people are quite fond of him. But, my personal opinion I think he's a coward and selfish, there's been too many occasions when Lee has been in danger and Kenny hasn't stepped up and helped. (I think this is when you disagree with him though, not sure) Either way I've never been fond on Kenny.

  • In my actual playthrough, there are some parts where I wanted to kick him in the face because we have some disagreements but I never hated him. He's my bro no matter what.
    In my pro-Kenny playthrough though, I love how Lee said in the end; "Kenny, he was my friend. We were assholes together." I also love his bro-speech, made me teary Dx
  • "He was tough to like , but i agreed with him most of time. So yeah we were assholes together i guess"
  • vivec wrote: »
    "He was tough to like , but i agreed with him most of time. So yeah we were assholes together i guess"

  • VirtR wrote: »
    I dont hate him but hes kind of a dick.

    1.After he saved duck why did he run away instead of help me with shawn?

    2. Larry wasn't even dead, he didn't even want to try to CPR with us or at least check his pulse before smashing his head in. Larry was a scumbag but keep in mind, if Larry wouldn't have died then Lilly wouldn't have freaked out and shot Carly.

    3. When I shot the girl in the street out of mercy, we went and looted the store, zombies broke in and I was trapped under the door with 2 zombies on top of it. That dick face just stood there and watched me struggle for my life. I mean thats practically killing me, but I got out and when confronted he just said something like "well, you got out didn't you? Everything worked out".

    What the hell Kenny.

    He is only a dick if you are the dick first. He always has your back if you have his.
  • I could never hate Kenny :D my bro for life. His choices make sense to me and he always had my back :)
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