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What's with everyone hating on Kenny?

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I don't get it.

In my playthrough of the game, he was the closest person to me besides Clem.

I don't understand why people hate him for the things he did. Lets put you guys in his situations.

1. If Clem or Shawn is in trouble, wouldn't you make sure Clem is safe before Shawn is? Especially if there's another person around to help the other.

2. If Larry would be screaming that Clem is bitten and want's to throw her out, wouldn't you get defensive and wanna punch him in the face?

3. If you looted the entire area around you and ran out of resources wouldn't you want to move on if you had your own RV? Nothing left.

4. (The most debatable one, but I will always side with Kenny here) Killing Larry. I am stunned by how many people decided to try and save him. Are you guys serious? This guy was a complete arse to you the entire time. He tried to KILL YOU in EP 1 and threatened you/blackmailed you in episode 2. He was not afraid to kill you if he had the chance. In fact by trying to kill you he put Clem's life in danger more or less the same as Ben did leaving her.

And now you're in a locked room with someone who's known to have heart issues who just dropped and stopped breathing. You and your family is in danger of getting eaten by a really strong zombie with no way out.

Are you REALLY going to try and revive someone like that? Understanding very well that if you don't get it in time you just doomed everyone in that room, you, Clem, Kenny everyone. Dead. And people seem to blame Kenny for doing what he did?

Everyone can have their own opinions on this topic, but I would never put everyone at risk to try and save some that is a complete POS and is about to turn and kill you all. Kenny was absolutely in the right state of thinking here.

5. If Clem was bitten... wouldn't YOU want to hold out on killing her? Wouldn't you want to grasp on to hope and have every last second with her? It's not like he didn't come to his sense's... He did what he had to do at the very end, if you say you forced him, that's what the group is there for. Supporting each other.

Hell if Clem was bitten I would just turn off the game because I wouldn't be able to kill her. In fact in real life I don't know how I would react to something like this. Kenny was extremely strong by the end of all this.

I'll skip a lot of the minor parts here and go to EP 4

6. Finally, if you found out that Ben took away everything you had in your life... Let's say Ben got Clem killed, caused numerous other deaths and was lying to you this entire time, wouldn't YOU want him dead in the spur of the moment? At the end of the day you all have emotions.

I can keep going on and on... but every time I hear people talk about how much Kenny was an asshole I just do not get it. What would you do so different in his position? What makes him such an asshole? Because he always faced reality and told things like they were? He was just a man trying to take care of his family. What's with all the hate on him?

In fact, by the end of the game Kenny was the only one I trusted with Clem. Not only would Clem become part of Kenny's family this way (Thus giving Kenny a reason to keep going now) but I damn well know he would do everything in his power to protect her. Whatever it is, he would do whats best for her safety.
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  • Yertos;772380 said:
    Kinda off-topic but I think Lilly gets more hate then she deserves.
    She killed Carley... So I disagree.
  • Rock114;772378 said:
    I find it hard to believe that Lilly or Larry would come without question, seeing as they were going to leave Clem to die in Episode 1 along with 4 other people. The only lives that matter to the two of them are their own. That being said, Kenny is no better if you don't take his side. The difference in my mind, is that only days after the walkers appeared Lilly and Larry were already leaving children to die in the streets, while Kenny simply panicked when Shawn was attacked. That was fear, not cold-hearted survival instincts. He even redeems himself for that at the end of the episode after saving Lee no matter what he thinks of him.
    Just to point out, but from what Katjaa says at Hershel's farm, Kenny was just as cold-hearted as Larry/Lilly at the start of things, possibly moreso - something to the effect of "We drove by so many people who needed help, over some".

    In Ep. 2, Kenny's also the guy who advocates taking the Dairy by force, at a time when the St. Johns were still apparently friendly to the group... something that even Larry balks at (even if he was wrong in his assessment of the St. Johns as "good people").
  • Well, we all have our opinion of Kenny. I think he would straighten out if he gets to be in season 2
  • Yertos;772380 said:
    This is if she was still with you up till EP4's end. At the time she let her emotions get the best of her and either directly, or indirectly got another member killed. She knows right after it happens that its not gonna end well for her. If she stays with the group after, she is either going to be killed for what she did, or exiled with nothing and no hope of survival. I don't blame her for stealing the RV because honestly if I was put in the exact same situation I'd take my chances with the RV then hope the others let me live. Douche move? sure, but when pushed to the limit I bet almost everyone would place themselves above random people.

    Kinda off-topic but I think Lilly gets more hate then she deserves.

    Random people? That's what Lee, Clem, Carley/Doug, Kenny, Kat and Duck were to her? The people who have been taking risks, fetching supplies, putting their lives on the line for months at a time and helping to keep her safe? Just a bunch of random people? Just tools for her to use? The only reason there even was an R.V. to take is because Kenny had the common sense to fix it. If he had listened to Lilly they'd have none and everyone probably would have died during the bandit attack.

    Tell me, do you think Vernon gets more hate than he deserves? Because compared to Lilly he was a god damn saint. He helps Omid, get's you into Crawford to get the things Kenny needs to fix the boat and loses one of his own people in the process. Then he steals a boat that he was partially responsible for repairing to save the people he was taking care of for months over the lives of people he's known for less than twenty-four hours.

    And the reason for that being his people knew the approaching hoard would make staying in Savannah impossible, so they did a shitty thing to save their own skins when a looming threat (the hoard) presented itself. And even then, depending on who stays with the boat, it's suggested he does at least feel guilty about. Either with his note saying he was sorry or Ben telling everyone how pissed he was the group lost Clementine, probably because he wanted to take her with him.

    Vernon didn't pull a gun and shoot someone in a paranoid fit of petty rage (all though Brie wanted him to do that), complain about how him murdering someone in cold blood is causing other people to treat him like shit, then steal a vehicle he spent months bitching about as a waste of time to save just himself and no one else. He didn't sit on his ass when the group needed supplies either, he went right into the fire and brought another one of his people with him.

    Fuck, Ben has more courage than Lilly. Ben, like Lilly, is blamed for people's deaths, ironically including whoever Lilly murdered. Ben, unlike Lilly, isn't a goddamn sociopath. Ben feels horrid guilt over the things he's done, unlike Lilly who complains about being detained for committing murder. Ben owns up to what he does (at the WORST possible time though) and accepts the consequences, going as far as to ask Lee to let him die for what he's done.

    You think Lilly gets more hate than she deserves? That's fine, that's your opinion. In my opinion she was a worthless irredeemable cunt who liked bossing people around because it meant she could keep her bony chickenshit ass parked somewhere safe while other people died for her safety. Different strokes for different folks.

    But you're fucking crazy if you think she would have gone with Lee to get Clementine. She thinks Ben dealing with the bandits is the same as cutting your throat while you sleep? How would you think Lilly would react when she found out Clementine had been secretly dealing with a stranger over the radio? Fuck, I felt kinda betrayed when I found that out and I loved Clementine.

    You really think queen bitch, who up and left Clem and Lee after lying about taking them along, is going to risk her life to get Clementine back? The same girl she yelled at Carley for saving back in Macon? After Clementine went behind the group's back to chase a pipe dream a weirdo over a radio was offering her? When there's a fully working escape vehicle sitting right there? I take it back, Lilly wouldn't have gone with Vernon's group if she was in that situation, she would have stolen the boat before Vernon's people ever even got there.

    My biggest regret on my first play through was letting her back in the R.V. I figured she deserved a second chance because Lee got a second chance after killing someone in an emotional state and he went on to do a lot of good for a lot of people. Lilly's given a second chance and she immediately back stabs everyone the very first moment she gets, after shooting one of them in the back of the head a little earlier. All because she was afraid of what? Exile? Isn't that exactly what Lee prevented if you choose to not leave her on the side of the road?

    Fuck the bitch. Now that she's an "original character" I hope she pops up in season two and we're given the opportunity to finish what we started in season one and finally putting her out of everyone's misery.
  • That's one large Lilly hate rant you got there lol.
  • Yertos;772508 said:
    That's one large Lilly hate rant you got there lol.
    It's got longer every time I replay the game. I used to actually feel sorry for her originally. :p
  • Wow, that rant is full of potential sig quotes! Do you mind, JXG?

    Anyway, I also felt bad for her on the first playthrough. I even tried to save her dad and everything.

    Then after I realized what a cold bitch she was, I pretty much treated her like shit in the second playthrough. And not a single fuck was given.

    Plus she never called me 'pal' like Kenny did, so fuck her.
  • aerial-ballet;772518 said:
    Wow, that rant is full of potential sig quotes! Do you mind, JXG?

    Anyway, I also felt bad for her on the first playthrough. I even tried to save her dad and everything.

    Then after I realized what a cold bitch she was, I pretty much treated her like shit in the second playthrough. And not a single fuck was given.

    Plus she never called me 'pal' like Kenny did, so fuck her.
    By all means, go head.

    And yeah, another difference between Lilly and Kenny is how they act when you side with them. You side with Kenny and he acts like you're best buds forever (until you disagree with him). You side with Lilly and she seems content that you're doing what she wants you to do. At their best, Kenny treats you like a good friend, Lilly treats you like a useful subordinate.
  • I agree, Lilly was quite the bitch. I tried to be reasonable with both sides (Kenny and Lilly) up until the meatlocker. However, after saving her father once and seeing what a cunt she was the next two playthroughs I left her ass on the side of the road, killed her father just to be a dick, and just plain despised her because she would hate me no matter what. And yeah, if she comes back in season 2 because now there is no barrier keeping her out of the game, I'm definitely going to use a new PC to teach her something, cause she deserves it.
  • BlackBoxx;772355 said:
    Lilly was on top of the RV, there were plenty of others trying to help in a small area. She couldn't help. She would just get in the way. If somehow she was able to and did not, then yes, she would be (that or spiteful).

    Doug is not a coward for being scared of zombies. Cowardice is letting fear get the better of you, not being unafraid. Did you forget that he still acts even when he's scared. It potentially costs him his life at the pharmacy. Still, he takes action to help. Not a coward.

    Clem is not a coward. She's definitely afraid, but she doesn't let it paralyze her. She manages to find the walking stick to brace the door. As for Carley and Doug, what was she going to do? Pull Doug away from multiple zombies trying to yank him out a window? She can't even shake a single zombie off herself. Get Carley's bullets? She isn't tall enough to see where the purse is. She could fumble around until she finds it, then pull it down so she can find the bullets, but by then, Carley is dead. Heck, Lee barely manages to get the bullets in time when he simply reaches in and grabs them. Clem is unable to help, so she gets no blame for it.

    Kenny was right there, and had nothing to stop him from helping. To just walk away is cowardly. Period. Stranger or not, Shawn was actively helping Kenny by reinforcing that fence, and got injured thanks to Duck. Kenny had a moral obligation to help the man, but he ran away.

    The hate for Kenny is due to a lot of factors. The meat locker event is just the go-to in explaining why. There's a whole lot of other reasons to hate him. For the record, I don't, but I can see why others do. The attitude he gives when you dare to disagree with him on any issue is just irritating. Try to remain neutral and he says you have to pick a side. You side against him, and he takes it personally. Unless you agree with him 100%, he will use it as an excuse to be an ass to you and leave you for dead. That's a very hateable quality right there, regardless of how well you can empathize.
    I wasn't actually saying they're cowardly, I was using them as examples (seeing as calling them cowardly is stupid) to show how stupid it is to call Kenny cowardly, in those circumstances.
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