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Disappointed in Glitches

posted by bluesmurph on - last edited - Viewed by 275 users
So I got this game a couple months ago but didn't have enough time to play it (PC & Mac). I just started playing it and i have been having a great time... until the bugs come around.

My problems first started when i finished episode 1. When episode 2 started up it didn't save any of my decisions. This was annoying but i fixed it and pushed on.

I've beaten episode 2 and moving on to episode 3 it did the same thing and i had to fix it myself again which was annoying and I really hope I don't have to do this every episode.

I also noticed that the game thinks i am still on episode 2 because at the episode selection it defaults it to episode 2 instead of 3. Also, the videos at the beginning and end of each episode disregard all my decisions and play back with events that never happened or couldn't happen because of my decisions.

My final beef with the game is that ever since i started episode 3 the game crashes around every 20-30 min. Its really annoying because I constantly have to restart from an autosave far away from where the game crashed.

I dont know if anyone else is having ALL the problems that i have been having but its just been bugging me so much. The game is great, the story is great, but when my decisions and actions don't save it pisses me off. On top of that, all the other bugs have just been degrading my experience. So much so that at the last crash i created an account to post this.

Its ok if you don't like what i said about the game but the fact of the matter is that the game is kinda buggy and I hope they fix it soon. Also if anyone else is having bugs like this please leave a comment so i don't feel alone :/
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  • I couldn't even download the other episodes for the longest time and even after I did I couldn't get Episode 2 to start. After getting a refund for the PC version I opted for the XBOX 360 version, which was a great deal better, but it still had issues. Apparently the retail compilation has issues the downloadable version didn't.

    I still love the game enough to tough it out, but I know how you feel. When I first got the game I loved the first episode but was driven up the wall just trying to get the second episode to start. I really don't have any solutions but you can try the tech forums. Just make sure you post in the one for the system you're having trouble with.
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